Feb Photo Challenge: Days 22 - 29

Have you signed up for the March Photo Challenge? Y'all this has just been so fun. I've loved seeing y'alls pics on your blogs, Twitter and Facebook too. It's so fun to see little details of all of our days. And it's so fun to see how everyone interprets that days challenge. 

Day 22: Where you work

During nap time this is where I check email, write blogs, edit pics, and work on Apartment Life projects.  

But when she's awake I am usually in here (or other rooms of our house) playing different games, singing songs, "cooking" in the kitchen, reading books, doing puzzles, etc.

And I'd thought you'd want to see a pic of my boss. We dressed up that day to go to the beach (make believe). 

Day 23: Your shoes

I love that Karis has finally gotten into being obsessed with wearing our shoes. She especially loves to put on my flip flops and Chris' tennis shoes. 

Day 24: Inside your bathroom cabinet 

My bathroom cabinet is totally boring (just towels, rags and toilet paper). So I thought I'd show you my bathroom drawer. Y'all my friend Sasha is a Professional Organizer and Personal Concierge and she just about lost it when she saw how cluttered this was. Anyone else have a junk draw in their bathroom too. These are all things I use just about daily, so there is no need to have them placed just so. 

Day 25: Green 

My new journal. I always pick a journal by the cover. I want it to describe where I am personally at that very moment. This has been a hard year for me, so much of it I just haven't been able to share on the blog. But in the past few weeks I have finally felt like this fog or season is passing. When I saw this journal of darkness with new life popping through, I knew this was my journal. 

My man doesn't play softball like a sissy! He comes home dirty! I love that. I hate that so many of his games are during Karis' naps on Saturdays. 

Day 26: Night

Y'all this past Sunday night I was gone teaching at a prison, but this is what I came home to! Chris has decided to become a grilling man and I am so pumped about this. I have never in my life had such delicious chicken! It was a great way to come home!

Day 27: Something you ate

When Karis wakes up from her nap we always have a little snack. For some reason I decided that it would be fun to put a little Nutella on Karis' Magic Pop. As you can see she totally agreed! 

Day 28: Money

This past fall Chris and I switched to cash system. I need to write a post about it soon. I didn't like the idea of having multiple real envelopes in my purse. And I'm not crafty enough to make all the homemade options out there that look cute. And I didn't like the ones Dave Ramsey has on his website. But I found this one at Savvy Cents. I absolutely love it! Each envelope section has a place for cash and then also coupones or gift cards that fit with that category. 

Day 29: Something you are listening to

Pandora might be one of my top ten favorite things. One of the things that isn't my favorite about staying home is the quiet. Yes, Karis makes plenty of noise. But I was one of those girls that LOVED meetings and the buzz of the workplace. I've missed that. I don't love the TV being on all day, I feel like Karis and I are both distracted by it. But I love that Pandora can still bring some noise and can go along with whatever we are feeling that day. Favorite stations: My Favs (custom), Toddler Radio, Adele Radio, Children's Indie, Children's Folk, Michael Buble Radio, and then I'll find ones that go with whatever holiday is close. 

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