Feb Photo Challenge: Days 8-14

I am so loving this photo challenge with Fat Mum Slim.  If you are doing it too, be sure to share your link in the comments!

Day 8: Sun

Not sure if the actual sun was out that day or not. But as soon as I saw these three walking around holding hands, my heart melted and I knew this would be my sunshine picture for the day. I mean look at the cuteness of these kids? The other kids are Annalee's little man, Graham, and sweet big girl, Adelaide. Karis LOVES accountability days as much as I do because it means she gets to play with these two all morning!

Day 9: Front Door

Yes I know it's February and I still have my Christmas wreath up. Hey, be proud though because I did take the poinsettias out of the vases a few weeks ago (need some new flowers). I figured since the wreath was berry colors I could leave it up till Valentine's Day. I'm going to be so sad on Feb 15 to take it down. Thanks to Erin DuBroc, with Sassy Sparrow, for this custom wreath!

Day 10: Self Portrait

I don't think it's possible to take a self portrait without being silly. I would be a horrible celebrity.

Day 11: Makes You Happy

I love how she walks around pushing her baby stroller and talking on the phone. She is so girly. Y'all I don't know where she gets it. She is such a phone talker (so unlike her Mama). She literally keeps her block (to her, it's her phone) on her shoulder like that gabbering away all day. 

Day 12: Inside Your Closet

You can pretend that all my clothes are hung up just like the sample I'm giving you right now. You can pretend that my shoes are lined up perfectly like Chris'. You can pretend. ;)

Day 13: Blue

These electric blue eyes melt my heart all day long.

These were my old brother's (he's almost 32) 8th grade gym shorts. Which means I was 11 when he got them. I'm almost 30 and wear them every week. The are the most comfortable things. I promise to throw them out when they get holes. Maybe.

Day 14: Heart

These are the valentines that Karis delivered to some special friends she loves so. So easy and cheap! Took a picture I already had of her that I thought would work. Printed them at Walgreens on a half off all prints day (was $5 for 50). Punched holes above and below hands. Inserted lollypop. Wrote a sweet note on the back. And handed it out! It was such a blast and cost under $10 for 50 valentines. (Note: This was not an original idea. I've seen this done several different places and it was too cute not to copy.)

Today at Motherwise I didn't have anything to take notes on so I grabbed something from the centerpiece. After I was done with my notes, I realized this was the perfect thing for today. Kelly Matte, our pastor's wife, came to speak on  Loving Our Husbands Well. Here are a few tips she gave I really loved:
*Find common interests and do them often. Don't wait till your schedule is free or kids are out of the house to do things together. 
*Find uncommon interests that he has and show some interest.
*When it comes to being attractive: "There's a difference between being comfortable and being careless."
*Freshen up the house and yourself before your spouse walks in. 
*Create a haven for your man. Doing this will create an environment for him to best love you, your kids and God. 
*When your man walks in the door, everyone should drop everything and make it a big deal-- greet him at the door!
*Don't just give him respect, but gain him respect. How does how you treat him and talk about him cause others to respect him?
*No one should be praying for your husband more than you. 

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