Feel Everything + Think Everything + Then Let's Move On Together

Wow. So here we are today. Donald Trump is the President Elect. 

Some of you just shimmied your shoulders in glee and couldn't hold in the squeals of delight. 

Others of you just had that lump rise up in your throat again as tears brimmed your eyes and your mind is swirling today with anxious thoughts. 

For the rest of you, you've always been slightly indifferent-- stuck between two candidates you couldn't vote for and never believed in. 

This is a strange place. A place of division and conflict and most of us suck at conflict management. We just do. Even those that don't mind, or even thrive within, conflict, still suck at handling it the best way we could or should. 

Last night as I saw the election polls turning and we all knew who this would go to, I made the decision that I would delete my "Trump Cannot Become President (Also, could be titled: Not Every Christian is a Republican)" post.

Deleting this post and all the social media posts about it was hard for a few reasons:

  • One, I believed in and still strongly and fully believe in every word I wrote. Not a word of it do I recant. I didn't want it to appear that I have flip flopped on any of the issues I shared. While I disagree with many of the deductions other made about the post (that I was pro-choice, pro-Hillary, etc), I still believed and believe in the core messages that were intended. 
  • Two, it has brought a ton of traffic to my blog. As vain as that sounds, when you are a writer, traffic is good. To me traffic has never been about stats, but every stat is a person and I'm wild about people. Each and every "stat" is a heart I love madly and am honored they would come and spend some time here. The world wide web separates us, but also brings us together. I love that coming together with others.
  • Three, I lost a speaking engagement because of the words I shared. I strongly disagreed with the pastor's decision even if I respected it. I wasn't willing to remove the post then to keep the engagement, and the pride factor in me didn't want to give a perceived notion of victory to a stance I disagreed with. (I'm a truly insane person. Feel free to laugh or judge or both! Wink.)
  • Four (and 99% of the reason), there were many of you, on both sides of the issues, who felt like I spoke the words you've tried to voice for so long. I still get emails and messages daily from people saying thank you. You felt safe in this place and heard for the first time. I didn't want to let you down. I didn't want you to feel like you were alone in your thoughts and feelings yet again. 

So here is why I decided to delete that wildly loved and hated blog post: We have to move on.

I get you and BitMoji gets you because the have done a great job putting all the feels on the favorites page: 

Pretty sure most of us have felt all of those emotions this past 24 hours. 

I don't want you to rush past any of the feelings you have about this campaign or try to self help your way out of the thoughts swirling-- and there are many of both feelings and thoughts regardless of how you voted or didn't vote. 

Feel every bit of it today.

Think everything.

Listen to others.

Share with those you trust. 

Then we must move on. Not as victims or victors, but as people who love Jesus and one another. 

I deleted my blog post about Donald Trump because he is no longer The Donald, he is President (Elect) Trump. I will respect him. I will respect his office.

I'm asking that you would as well. You don't have to like him or agree with him. But let's change the culture we have and our children are inheriting of blatant disrespect for those that are different in belief or opinion.

Let's practice manners. Not for etiquette sake but for love's sake. 

To respect doesn't mean you have to agree.

I'm pretty sure there isn't a single candidate in the history of ever that each of us have fully agreed with. Let's be honest, there isn't a single person on the planet I've ever fully agreed with. My closest friends and family (including my hubs) are people I disagree with often, and they with me. But you know what? We can love and learn in the midst of this. In fact, I think we become better when we share, with love and grace, our disagreements. We share and listen to learn, not to find a stronger stance in our position. We seek to see all sides, not just the one that feels best to us (or seems best). And as we disagree we still say, I got your back and I love you. 

We are in this together, not alone. 

The answers have never been in an election's results. They just haven't. 

I hesitate to share this next part because I don't want it to seem like a bandaid. It's not a bandaid. It's not just words. The following must be our anchor in every storm and celebration: 

Our security is only found in Jesus. He is enough. 

He is enough for your fears and your joys. 

He is enough for times of peace and times of terrorist threats. 

He is enough for the traditionally married and the LGBT community.

He is enough for the poor and the rich. 

He is enough for black lives, white lives, latino lives, blue lives... all lives. 

He is enough for refugees and citizens and illegals. 

He is enough for the unborn baby and the woman carrying that little life. 

He is enough. 

We can feel feelings (He did several times). We are allowed to question and wonder (He did hours before His death and even on the Cross). We are allowed to rejoice and find relief (Jesus was all for celebrations-- His first miracle was wine for a wedding).

There is freedom in Christ to feel things and think things. And you will actually be a healthier person when you don't just do the right thing because you should, but you come to that place out of healthy processing.

Hope will only result when we come to Him with thoughts and feelings open before Him. 

Division is not for us. It's a lie and a great obstacle. Love must run deep.

So today we listen to God and one another. We do this without pride and without fear.

When each of those well up, and for many they will, we fight hard in the Spirit's strength not to stuff them down, but to lay them before Him and one another.   

Then we open His Word and we let His truth settle in over us. Fear and pride slip away when our gaze is less on Fox News or CNN, and instead fixed on His truth. So, whoever your feelings and thoughts take you today, settle in on His truth today. Read through the gospels and remind yourself of Jesus power. Read through Isaiah and remind yourself of the truth God desired to speak to a people far from Him. Read through Exodus and hear of how God leads is people in power. His Word will bring the hope you desire.

No more scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. Turn off the TV, it isn't saying anything new.

Instead, go to Him. Share your thoughts and feelings honestly. Share with those you know and love and ask them how they are. Then make every effort to move on. And when fear or doubt or pride or security in someone/thing else creeps up, you stop and confess and surrender again. Continue this cycle. He will help you because He loves you. 

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P.S. If you've made it all the way to the end of this post then we are friends, so please see my note below and use the promo code. Thank you for your time today. For listening. Would love to hear back from you on Facebook or Instagram in the comment threads. 

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