Feels like Fall

I am one of those very rare people that love summer. Love it.

But this week has been deceptively rainy and overcast.

I say deceptive because it looks like Fall outside. When I'm driving around in my car and the grey skies are looming over us and rain is trickling on the sunroof, I want to pull over and order me a Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte with 1 splenda.

I want tall boots and scarfs. I want to put my coasts in the front closet on the off chance it drops below 70 and it becomes acceptable Houston coat weather.

I know if you live up north or in some chilly country you are laughing at us Texans and our ideas of what cold is since we can wear flip flops in December.

But it feels like it should be cold outside. Just thought I should share that.