Fess Up

We all blog stock. Admit it. You do too.

Well out of curiousity I just got google analytics (a free blog tracker that tells you how many visitors a day you have and what city they are from, nothing more specific though). I was SHOCKED to see where all people are reading this blog from! I'm sure the person(s) in Los Angeles is my BFF Lauren Conrad (yes I love the Hills, don't judge me), Chicago must be Oprah, and New York has to be the Olsen twins. But just on the off chance that it's not... I'm curious who else it could be. What I'm trying to get to is...

I'd love to "meet" you. Please introduce yourself so we can get to "know" eachother better. Just leave a little message in the comments section. :) If you want to remain anonymous, I understand. But if you are ready to reveal yourself, I'd love to see who you are.

Also, being a person of change that I am... there is a new look for this blog coming our way! So check in often because Fabulous K is working her fabulous magic once again! And some other blog surprises coming too (no, not a baby announcement. Chris and I agree with the poll responses that said wait a bit longer. Sorry to our moms and aunts.) much less important than that, but fun... at least for me.