Finally Uploaded: Pictures Galore!

You've been asking and I haven't been uploading. As a way of asking for your forgiveness here are some of my favorite pictures from the past couple of weeks. Enjoy friends!

Our first family photo. Yes Mama is and looks tired. Give me a break, I had just pushed a person out of me the day before and was doped up on pain meds. I was feeling pretty good.

My adorable niece was pretty curious to meet Karis. Karis is wrapped up, but Aunt Katie made them matching onesies. Em's said, "Cousin #1" and Karis said, "Cousin #2). There were super cute together. One fun thing that happened that day is Emery took her first steps!! And they were towards Karis! She was holding on to her mom and walked two steps to my bed where Karis was laying on the end of it. So sweet! They love each other.

Even though I'm just posting pics of family today, I might as well include these because the Skaggs are like family to us. Ella couldn't have been more excited to hold baby Karis. And this is a perfect test run for them, because Kyle will be here next month!

Karis' first gentlemen caller, Seth Skaggs. We will be just fine if either of the Skaggs boys develop a crush on our baby girl. Seth said "be-be" for the first time that night and even did the sign too! Adorable.

GPaw (my dad) with his youngest granddaughter. I realized that we didn't get ANY pics with Gigi (my step mom). So those will have to come later.

KuKu (Chris' dad) and Colton (Chris' little bro) came and spent half a day with us before the headed back to Lubbock. But first they showered Karis in a full Cardinals wardrobe. Colton couldn't have been any sweeter with his niece. He was totally lit up in love with her and even sang her a lullaby (his favorite team's fight song).

Cuddles with Daddy. Oh how I love watching him snuggle with our baby.

First and LAST trip to the tanning bed. I wish we would've gotten pictures of later that day because the nurse drew long eyelashes on her goggles. She was just too cute under those lights. Say goodbye to jaundice!

Finally she got to come home!! :) She wore the dress that I came home from the hospital in. Buckling this girl into her car seat was a challenge-- it felt like a wedding dress. She did much better than I did as an infant (I blew out my diaper and ruined the dress before I got home).

First nap in the swing. Oh how she loves the swing! Aren't those squishy lips just so sweet?!

First bath time! She actually really likes bath time. Funny thing is after that bath we wrapped her up in her cute little bunny towel and as soon as I held her up for a picture she pooped every where. First time parents for sure. Now we have the diaper on hand and that is the first thing we do! Lesson learned.

My Auntie Kay is an audiologist and brought her hearing screening machine over to double check her hearing. There were no concerns (she had passed her test at the hospital) but you can't ever be too careful! As you can see, Karis was traumatized by it. ;)

Aunt Erinn was totally smitten.

Mimi (my mom) came that first week to help me out during the days while Chris was at work. Karis was quite comfy in her arms. Baby yawns are the best!

Karis is totally a nap outside kind of girl like her mommy. We try to get outside every day (in the shade of course) and she just loves it.

MiMi and Pops (my step dad) say goodbye to Karis. After being in Houston for 3 weeks, they were finally headed home. I think Glenn ran to the car he was so ready to get back but Mom cried as soon as she started saying goodbye.

Karis is one blessed little girl to get to meet her great grandparents. This is my Papaw. He's having big talk (Papaw gets straight to business all the time and that's what we call it) with his favorite youngest granddaughter. She wore a dress for the first time to meet them.

My Mamaw holding Karis. Mamaw made her this beautiful light blue/teal blanket with a white satin trim. It covers Karis up every night at bedtime.

That night Chris' Papaw came! And the next day we took her for a her maiden voyage in her Bob Stroller. This was a gift from Papaw Kiser because his name is Bob and he is all about physically activity. By all about physical activity I mean he has ridden his bicycle coast to coast at least 6 times, one of those being last year!

We took Karis to the Japanese Gardens at Hermann Park and kissed her on the bench that Chris and I had our first kiss on. She was treasuring the moment as you can see. ;) Our baby girl is so laid back.

This picture just melts my heart. Chris and his Papaw had planned on going to the Cardinals game (you've heard me talk about this family's obsession with the Cards), but decided to watch the game from home and spend more time with Karis. Papaw kept calling her Karen (he is famous for mixing up people's names).

Karis finally got to be in her Grampy's (Chris' step dad) arms! Larry was there for the birth and got to see her. But had to head back to Dallas for a conference before she was released from the NICU 2. I just love the look on Larry's face here.

Grammy (Chris' Mom) is totally in love with her first grand daughter. Tammy and Larry came this past weekend and got to spend 3 days with her. We all had such a great time together! And they even baby sat her so we could sneak away for a bit together.

Chris and I have started a new tradition: family walks when Dad gets home (as long as it's not raining). We have tested out the Bob Stroller, the Moby wrap and the Bjorn. All work great! I'm obviously still learning on the Moby wrap, I just can't get her up higher.

Leaving for church for the first Sunday morning. She did pretty good too! She was fine through worship but just as Pastor Gregg went up to preach she started getting fussy. So I got out of there quick and walked her through the halls of the church. Of course she fell asleep as soon as we walked out of the sanctuary.

I have two videos that I can't wait to post but it takes You Tube an hour for each video to upload. Does anyone know a faster way to upload videos to blogger?