Finding Fresh Courage

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a rut? Maybe you don't even notice it's a rut because it all seems good. You're serving and loving those you should, but without even realizing it you are in a rut.

I've been that way lately. Like there was the funk that I just haven't been able to shake. And, worst of all, I haven't even been able to pinpoint it until today.

I just started Beth Moore's study, James: Mercy Triumphs, and no big surprise that it is so good, so inspired, and my favorite thing about all her studies, so unapologetically honest. She said something that is ringing in my ears. First, she had asked us to write about a time we felt awkward dealing with God's call for us. Without hesitation I wrote, "The whole writing and speaking call because I feel so very unqualified and so unworthy."  (I've shared that with you in this post: "Do you have what it takes?")

Then she said words that I pray and feel will change the trajectory of my life:

"Oh, that we will 
find fresh courage 
in this journey to 
take our places 
in history alongside those who sought Jesus 
at the cost of fitting in." 

Then on the next day she asked us to write a timeline of a period of your life that "proved very strategic in your journey with Christ." I decided to write out the all the ways God had proved strategic in leading me into ministry. It was crazy to see how He took me, a girl that was and is under-qualified and unworthy, and has used me in spite of those things. Because it brings Him the most glory!

As I was journaling I thought of you, my cyber family and friends, and I wanted to share this challenge with you too.

What do you need fresh courage with today?

It's time to take our places! God not only wants to use us but is very able to use us.

But we have to show up. We have to come to Him and be ready and willing to do what He says. We have to turn off the noise (TV, iPhones, Facebook, music, etc.) sometimes to listen to Him. We have to clear off our schedules or actually say no to some things to be able to commit to Him. We have to wake up a little earlier or stay up a little later to learn from Him. We have to not spend money we don't have so we can afford to do whatever He says. We have to be loving towards all, letting our tongues be pure and our actions blameless, so we can share with whoever He places before us.

We don't have to be perfect. But we do have to be willing. Not a fake willing of, "Yes Lord your will and ways." Words we say that we might want, but don't really mean if we are honest. We don't mean it if it involves pain or sacrifice. We have to be really willing. We have to show we are willing by letting our lives express that we are ready before the call has been given.

It's time to take our places!