First Trip to the E.R.

Yesterday I had my first trip ever to the E.R.

On Monday I started having the worst migraine I've ever had. It was kind of strange-- I hadn't had a migraine in a really long time, but this one more than made up for our lost time together. I felt like the whole world was pounding on my head and at any time I might vomit.

Finally yesterday after lunch I felt like I had no other choice, it was time to take an Excedrin Migraine.

Now for the normal person this is where the story would end.

I am not normal. Never have been. It's God's sense of humor or His way of humbling me... maybe both. :)

What you should know is that 75% of the time that I have taken Excedrin Migraine I've had a minor allergic reaction to it. By minor I mean the bottom part of my eyes would get a little puffy like when you've been crying or having a bad allergy day. Typically I take a dose of Benedryl and I'm fine in an hour and on my way to really great nap!

Well this time I thought I had beat it and I was looking at the 25% chance of it being ok. I took it at 1:30pm and at 3:00pm noticed that nothing had happened! Victory... and my migraine was gone!!

Then 3:30 came. I started feeling it, I could tell I was getting puffy. So I went to our medicine supply and we were totally out of Benedryl. Bummer. What to do?

I called Chris to see if there was any way he could come home. I just didn't feel safe being home by myself while having a reaction. Sweet man left work immediately. Then I decided to walk down to our neighbors house, the Trickett's, and see if they had any Benedryl. They did! 30 minutes later, after the sweetest 4 year old looking at me like I was an alien, I decided to see how I was doing and I saw this:

**Please laugh. I look like a I got in a fight with myself. I laughed when I saw it, so you can totally laugh! **

For those that don't know me, I don't usually look like this. Benedryl was not working and it was definitely getting worse. I called my allergist to let him know what had happened and to see if he could squeeze me in at the end of the day.

They told me to go straight to the E.R. What? This is crazy.

So as soon as that conversation was over Chris walked in the door and I told him what he said. He was so sweet and rushed to get us there as soon as possible.

By the time we go to the E.R. it looked like I was Hitch when he had that allergy attack. I wore my sunglasses inside to ensure that I wouldn't scare off any of the children.

They'd obviously seen worse and were not super concerned. 3 1/2 hours later I got a shot, an prescription, a bill and was on my way. The puffiness has definitely gone down, now I just look like I was crying all night.

So the lesson to be learned here is: Migraine + Excedrin Migraine + Becky = Emergency Room. I promised Chris I will never take it again. I am not as invincible as I thought. Good news though: the migraine is still gone!