Food Poisoning Attacks!

All I can say is I have never had it before and I never want to have it again. There was half a second where I thought, what if I am pregnant and that is why I want to throw up everything and my whole life is spinning around me. Then I realized no one could survive 9 months of this. Praise God it is just food poisoning. :) Yesterday was an interesting day because we had a field trip at Day Camp and I really had to be there. The staff and counselors did such a great job I barely had to do anything! I am so thankful for them!

So I hear it gets better after a day, so I should be back to normal any time now. :)

**By the way, every day I hear things at Day Camp that I so want to share with y'all. I just don't know if it is appropriate to post quotes from other people's kids. But if you need a good laugh, please come down to Day Camp for a few hours (of course after we've screened you). You'll love it. So far i have been called: Best Principal Ever, Ms Patti (poor kid he still can't remember my name), Owner of Day Camp, Not as nice as they thought I was, and one kid told me that this was the best day of his life (after I announced that we were going to have a free day all day). :)