For the Fall: Book Reviews instead of Book Club

NOTE: This is for anyone, not just past book clubers. If you like reading, this is for you. 

Right now the theme in my accountability group seems to be "Just say no." Seriously, half of what we hold each other too each week has to do with saying no to things. Specifically for me last week I had to say that I can't say yes to anything else unless I say no to something else.

One of those things is the Book Club. But just for now. I've had such a blast doing it, but I think it's time to try something new. To let others be a part of this journey who read, but don't want a book club with a set reading list.

So we are starting Book Reviews for the Fall! 

If you are reading a book, we want to hear about it!

Instead of doing a book a month as a group, we are going to each do our own books! One of my favorite times in school growing up (from kindergarten through high school) was free read. So that's what we are doing on this blog.

We are all in different season. Some of us need some intense reading. Some of us need a light-hearted fiction story. Some of us need inspiration. Some need correction.

BUT I still want us to walk this journey together as much as possible. I am going to try to post at least one book review on my blog each month. I'll link Book Reviews below as well so you can always check back in to see what's been reviewed.

AND what I'd love for you to do is the same thing! If you are reading a book, write a book review on your blog and then give us the link. So many times I have no clue what books are out there. Or I see books out there and I wonder if the hype matches the content. Or, and most frequently thought, I see so many books I really want to read and I just don't have the time. So let's help each other out!

Where will you post your link? I will post a fresh post soon for link ups.  Any time you have a book to review, go to our blog, then click on the book club page link, and you will find a link to the post. So even a month or so from now you can still find it easily.

I'll be posting my links too! Can't wait to see what you are reading and hear all about your thoughts!