So this Sunday I am teaching a lesson that comes too soon for me: Forgiveness.

I love how the Lord works our teaching rotation that when I teach it is something so personal and raw and I just want to scream: Lord, I'm not ready yet! But He has always used it to bring healing to me and closure in many ways.

I've shared on this blog some of how hard of a year this has been for me. I have been betrayed by more people this past year than I thought possible-- totally blindsided by each one. I've cried out to the Lord time after time that He would grant me forgiveness. I've struggled with it so much.

What does it mean to forgive someone like the Bible says we need to?

Where is that balance of offering someone grace and also guarding yourself from that hurt again?

We are to show forgiveness just as Christ forgave us (Col 3:14). But do you eventually draw the line and say, "enough?"

I am about to really get into my preparation for my lesson and I wanted to hear your thoughts on forgiveness. What are tips you've learned? What have you heard in the Bible that instructs us how to rightly forgive? What is the 70x7 all about?

Also, because in my head there is always a song playing I thought I'd leave you with an oldie but a goodie: