From Galleria to Thrift Store

I went to a thrift store today.
I didn't go kicking and screaming. But I did go with hesitation.

But tonight is an 80s party for my friends and I was curious what they might have. I went to an 80s Prom Party in college with my sorority and had found a great dress at a thrift store back then (so wish I still had it). But here I am a decade later and looking for the perfect 80s outfit.

So I'm sure you are curious what I found?
There were two perfect 80s dresses. When I say perfect, I mean perfect. Unfortunately I am not a size 4. Or I guess I should say fortunately, since I saved $15 by not buying the dress.

However, while rummaging for 80s finds, I found some stuff that I liked for real life wear.
One of my favorite friends has talked up the deals she gets for her family for a while now. Her style is one that I absolutely adore. And her recommendations I take seriously. (Like you would just assume she shops exclusively at Nordstrom.)

So today I got 1 dress and 6 new tops for $40! I think Dave Ramsey will be quite proud of my new spring collection cheaper than a pair of jeans from the Gap. The crazy thing is the dress and one of those tops is from JCrew!

I've never had a hobby. All my girlfriends are super crafty... and well, I can't even pretend to be crafty. So maybe just maybe, I found my hobby! ;)

Oh and Karis loved it too. She made friends with every single lady in there shopping! She loves to just stare at people and smile real big. And if they smile back then she will start bouncing up and down.