I am a super sarcastic person with a great straight face (meaning I don't crack easily)-- this can be a blessing and a curse depending on the day. Anyway last night Paula spent the night with me (Chris is out of town this whole week). Well we were getting ready for bed we had the following conversation:

Paula: Hey Bec do y'all have any floss?

Me: (sounding completely serious) No. Our dentist said it is actually bad for your gums.

Paula: (totally flabbergasted) IT IS???!!!!!!!

Then we bothed died laughing when she realized I was joking.

My mom, however, is the ultimate when it comes to being gullible. It's amazing to me how someone as smart as her (I mean she has her PhD in Psychology) can be so clueless (I say that with the utmost love for my momma). Well two Christmases ago we got her really good. Here is that conversation:

One of us (I don't remember who now: me, Chris, Nils or Katie): (to my mom) Hey, did you hear they took gullible out of the dictionary?

Mom: Are you serious?

Us: Yeah, they decided to take it out.

Mom: (shocked and now laughing with glee) That is so funny! Chris, did you know that these kids used to call me gullible all the time. They'd pull a joke on me and then start spelling G-U-L-... I can't beleive they actually took it out! That is so funny!!! I guess y'all can't call me gullible any more!

Us: (All four of us are falling on the floor about to pee in our pants with laughter)

Mom: (still clueless) I can't believe it!

Us: Mom, are you serious? We were totally joking! How many times can you fall for the same joke.

Mom: Oh for Pete's sake! Why is every body always picking on me? (That's my mom's line when we tease her).

I'm sure this post was profound and changed your life. But it made me laugh, so I thought I'd share with y'all! Have a great day or, as Chris says, Make it a great day! :)