Gender Revealed: It's a...

Well look at the picture...

It's pretty obvious huh? ;)

Here is the conversation with the nurse...

Nurse: See those two round things
Me: (in my head: "it must be a boy") uh-huh
Nurse: Those are GIRL parts!

Yep. You heard me right.

Karis Jannette Kiser will be here in August!

Here is her sweet little face:

Long, skinny little legs:

Still in her sweet spot-- arms over her face. She really doesn't like being bothered while sleeping. Oh she is going to be just like her momma! ;)

Chris and I are over the top! It was so fun today telling all our family and many friends, and we couldn't wait to share it with all of you on the blog too! This little girl is very much loved!

Of course I already took her on her first shopping spree as soon as we left the doc and dropped Dad off at work. Then Chris and I took her shopping again together tonight and had a celebratory dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. (Cheesecake Factory is special to us... see this blog Chris wrote years ago.)

The whole appointment went great! She is measuring out perfect-- good weight, good height, and everything checked out healthy. As for mom, I'm feeling MUCH better. Thanks to a great prescription for the doc, I am keeping food down and finally gained 2lbs (the cruise helped with that too).

Blogs that will come soon:
*The story of the dream I had of her being a girl (really funny)
*Pics and updates from the cruise (oh. my. goodness.)
*Pics of what we got on Karis' first shopping spree