Get ready to lose your mind...

Be sure to read this ENTIRE post, because Karis has something fun to show you at the end of this blog. 

I have said on Facebook and Twitter that Karis' flower girl outfit will make you lose your mind due to it's total cuteness. So get ready....

Yes I bought my 8 month old a necklace and a matching headband. Thank you Petite Peanut Boutique on Etsy. Thankfully the white tutu only cost me $8 to make.

And yes I put "flower baby" in rhinestones on my daughters bottom. I think this is like pre-Toddlers and Tiara crazy. I might need to find a support group or something.

I wasn't exaggerating was I? Not one bit.

Since I was in the wedding and Chris was video taping it, we don't have any pics of her going down the aisle yet. But that will just do you completely in. Luke and Landon Kohler dragged her down the aisle (that was a white sandy beach) in a bumbo (which her giant tutu covered up of course) attached to a boogie board. You have never seen a cuter entrance.Thankfully Erin was the most stunning bride I have ever seen, or she could have stood the chance of being shown up by her flower baby and ring bearers.

Now for Karis' fun new trick (for those of you that were hoping this would be a picture of Karis is a "Big Sister" shirt, shame on you)--  

Y'all she started crawling! 

For a couple of weeks she has been crawling two leg movements forward then either falling on her tummy or pushing back up to sitting (so I haven't counted it). But, at lunch during the cruise on Cinco de Mayo, baby girl was sitting on a table and decided it was time to crawl. (We were proud parents that she chose such a classy way to start crawling.)

For all you lovers of little ones, feel free to share any tips or tricks on having a crawling baby around.