Girl Scouts, Where are you?

Dear Girl Scouts,

I'm curious where you are hiding this year. Usually I feel attacked every which way by you when it's cookie season. But this year I feel totally ignored. I'm an alumni too. Shouldn't we get special privileges of some sort? Not to mention that this year I am pregnant.

With that comes a craving for all things sweet and a very sensitive heart. My new pregnancy craving is destined to be Thin Mints crushed up in Dreyers Slow Churned Vanilla Ice Cream. The cravings always end up being whatever I deprived myself of.

So I would've over bought. Like I would've gotten in trouble with my husband and Dave Ramsey just to help you reach your goals (OK, really satisfy my cravings). As Vivian in Pretty Woman said: "Big, BIG mistake!"

Hope to reconcile next year,