Giveaway: Duty or Delight by Tammie Head

I'm really excited about this giveaway because it is my very favorite Bible Study I have EVER done: Duty or Delight by Tammie Head .

duty or delight

Ok maybe it's a 3 way tie for "my favorite Bible Study ever done" with Breaking Free by Beth Moore and No Other Gods by Kelly Minter. These three are so different, yet so very good. And I promise I'm not just saying that it's one of my top 3. I wouldn't ever say that flippantly. I've loved many Bible studies but these 3 I will never forget. They were total game changers for me.

Duty or Delight is all about finding freedom in your walk with Christ. I hadn't even realized how check list I had become. I felt like a failure as a Christian if I hadn't had time with the Lord that day. I felt like a failure as a Christian for each and ever sin. I felt like a failure as a Christian each time I compared myself to others. I was living ignorant to what it looked like to walk in God's Spirit ALL the time, not just during my "quiet time" or at some Christian gathering (church, Bible study, etc). I loved God, but found myself on a spiritual roller-coaster.

Duty or Delight taught me to find pleasure in God. It taught me what it looks like to not live in self condemnation but in acceptance from Christ and how to walk with Him. It taught me how to let go of some of the silly legalistic standards Christ never set for me!

I must admit I'm slightly partial. Tammie is one of my favorite people on the planet. I can't even believe how good God was to place her in my life. She has spoken so much truth over me as we sipped coffee or done makeovers. She is even more fantastic in real life. She really and truly loves Jesus. And really and truly follows Him. And really and truly desires to love others well. And she could care less about making a name from herself. She is humble and full of grace. She is stunningly beautiful and has the best laugh. She teaches like she is on fire. She wears earrings all the and could walk through 3 ft of snow in a heels. She is real-- like so real.  And you will feel like her very best friend. I'm so excited you will get to know her.

It was a total thrill when Tammie said she would love to give a copy away to my readers.

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