Giveaway: Noonday Bukenya Fringe Necklace

I met up with my friend and local Independent Ambassador Whitney Ray and asked her a few questions about her work with Noonday Collection.

What is Noonday Collection?
Noonday Collection is a way to shop beautiful accessories in a way that uses your purchasing power to create change in the world. Your fashion sense can restore dignity to abandoned women in Ethiopia, empower communities in Ecuador, and create business opportunities for Ugandans.  Noonday Collection is sold online and throughtrunk shows by a local Noonday Collection Ambassador.
Why am I a Noonday Ambassador:
As a mom to three, red-headed boys aged 5 and under, my life is very full!  But, after having traveled to several resource poor areas of the world, I knew that I wanted my day-to-day life and what I passed down to my kids to give back in a meaningful way.  Noonday has given me a chance to combine fashion + purpose while meeting women all over the city! Styling and storytelling is what I am all about, and as a Noonday Ambassador I get the chance to share stories of true transformation in countries like Uganda, Guatemala and Ethiopia why styling women in one-of-a-kind, fashion-forward accessories.
The past two summers I have had the chance to travel to Guatemala to meet with four of our artisan groups and work beside them and meet their families.  The opportunity to have a dignified job and provide food and schooling for their children is changing these communities for the better!  As I have travelled and worked with Noonday, my heart has been moved to not just talk about the good we ought to do, but instead DO something and inspire others along the way! What better way than through fashion and giving everyone a chance to wear + share the artisans' stories?  I'd love to connect with friends and offer styling advice or to set up a Trunk Shows as it is through wearing and sharing the artisan stories that real change happens!
How can you get involved?
1: Shop Noonday!  Attend a local trunk show, try on all the handmade accessories, and learn the stories of transformation behind each piece.
If you decide to shop today, follow these steps:
*Go to 
*Shop and add items to cart 
*On check out choose Ambassador WHITNEY RAY from drop down menu. 
*On check out type BECKY KISER into Trunk Show Name at top of check out page.
2: Share the artisan stories!  Every time you wear a Noonday accessory someone will notice and will ask you where you got it!  When they ask, that is your chance to share the story of hope that your accessory represents.
3: Share the opportunity to partner with the work Noonday is doing with your friends and family by hosting a trunk show!  It is so much fun, totally different than any other in-home shopping experience you have been to before, and you get the chance to earn hostess rewards or fundraise toward an adoption.
What's being given away?
The Bukenya Fringe Necklace:
bukenya fringe 56
This beautiful necklace is handmade of paper beads in Uganda by the very first artisan group that Noonday partnered with back in 2011.  It is named after one of Noonday's most loyal and tenacious artisans, Bukenya.  Bukenya is a survivor of life on the streets of Kampala and is a testament to the transformative power of hard work and perseverance.  To learn more about Bukenya and his transformation, go to this interactive page here.
This signature Noonday necklace looks great paired with a white tank or over a chambray shirt for the fall.
How do I enter? 
There are many ways to enter and many can be done each day! Be sure to click on each "Invent Your Own"-- I already invented the option, you just have to do it. :)

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