Giveaway: Snap Shop - One Year Membership

Update: The winner is Karina G! Congrats girl! Check your email to get next steps. 

Everyone else wins too--

I have been SO exited to share this giveaway with you all because I KNOW you will love it!!!!

About a year ago a sweet friend of mine told me about Snap Shop photography classes for phone users. I almost didn't do it because seemed like a total waste of time and money. I'm so glad I ignored myself. My envy of her Instagram feed won! Ha! 

Y'all, Ashley, founder of Snap Shop, is a PHOTOGRAPHY GENIUS and she will show you how to make iPhone (or whatever kind of phone you have) pictures look like they were taken with a professional camera. There is no reason you shouldn't take more beautiful pictures of your life. I have had such a blast with this and I love looking at my pictures now, and actually print them out because I want to see them again. If you do have one of those fancy cameras, then she will also help you out there! Finally, you can learn how to really use that thing!

You will be amazed at how much you learn! You will fall in love not just with your Instagram feed but the pictures no one else sees. Memories that matter to you will be captured just the way you want to remember them. Truly Ashley is a magician and the best teacher! I'm SO not a tech-y person, so if I can learn this there is hope for anyone. She speaks normal person language and will help you feel like the creative person you already are! 

Because I love you and I love Snap Shop, I am going to encourage you to enter every single one of these options so you can win AN ENTIRE YEAR to her courses!!! What???!!!!!!!!  (Note: Some of these items can be done daily. So be sure to come back each day to enter more times!)

We will post the winner next Monday, June 20. So be sure to check back then. Also, EVERYONE WILL WIN because Snap Shop will be giving everyone $10 of the registration too!!!! Will post the winner and the promo code for everyone else next Monday.