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Or I guess the polite thing to say would be, PLEASE go to the Captivated Together blog.

I want you to join in on the conversation. I want to hear back from you over there.

I wrote a blog this week. I think (I hope) it resonates with some of you.

Here is how it starts:

The bright lights of the football stadium were blaring down on me as I stood in the middle of the field with the other nominees. My mum weighed as much as I did and, par for most Houston days, my hair was frizzed out just as big as that silly mum. It was Homecoming and I, somehow, made it on the court. They called my name and I was crowned Homecoming Princess (which is a nice way to say, you are the runner up).

My senior year was off to the perfect start. I would’ve never guessed that just a few weeks later my life would change.

I found myself in my doctor’s office and her white-washed face indicated that what I had going on wasn’t just a weird coincidence of symptoms. It’s a blur today, but I can remember her rushing out of my room saying she’d be right back. Once she returned, words like “First thing tomorrow… specialists… Texas Children’s Hospital…” were heard.

And you'll have to click HERE to see how it ends.

P.S. Don't forget that we have Captivated Together again this Monday night at 7pm in the Chapel at Houston's First. Tammie Head is going to teach us and Robbie Seay is leading us in worship. We will have small groups as usual and always something creative at the end. Hope to see you there!