Going to Kenya (Yes, I'm asking for help)

In a month and a half I'm heading to Kenya to spend 8 days loving on, learning from, serving and teaching women who are trapped in sex trade industry (#1 commercial industry in Kenya, I know unbelievable).

And yes, this is one of those letters. You know the ones... you get them, you see they really just want your money and not just your prayers, (you might roll your eyes), you delete them. 

Before you click delete or you keep scrolling, will you just hear me out real quick? Pretty please?

Here's the deal: I have 1 month to raise $2,169. 

I don't know about you, but that's a lot of money for me. What's not a lot of money is $20. I will not even consider the Chris Kiser/Dave Ramsey budget for $20 at Chick-Fil-A or Torchy's. All I need is a 100 friend to give $20. (Or if we want to do this faster, 20 friends to give $100.) 


What will I be doing? 

Minor details right? :)

I'm going with His Voice Global, one of my very favorite non-profits in all the world. They are holding a women's conference in an area of Kenya that's predominant economic structure is based on the commercial sex trade industry. We will be working alongside Rift Valley Fellowship, a church that ministers to the vulnerable women and children in this area, to help with their efforts to provide wholistic care to the women and children of Maai Mahiu. 


So would you please, oh please, making a tax-deductible donation towards my trip? 

How to do give toward the Kenya trip:

1: Click the button below: 

2: Type in your amount

3: Be sure to select my name (Becky Kiser) in the drop down list. 

4: Finish the rest of the parts and don't forget to click the "donate" button at the end. 


My thank you to you

For anyone that makes a donation towards my trip, whether $5 or $500, I want to give you a FREE digital Sacred Holidays Lent study. If you already have one, then you can use this code to give to a friend. Yes, Lent already started but the study is set up with each day being a stand alone day. So you can pick up right where we are and then always go back and do the other days when you have time. Go to the Sacred Holidays Lent shop and use code IGAVETOKENYA to get you free digital study. 


I promise I'll be sharing more about the trip on social media when I go and get back. And I feel certain there will be some blogs coming about it too. 

P.S. If you are new to my blog, I think this is the first time I've ever asked for money on it. So don't think this is a typical practice. This trip came up last minute and I just really believe I'm supposed to go on it. Coming up with 2 grand is a lot for us, so we wanted to invite others to give who can't go.