A Good Little Baptist

I am a religious mutt: Methodist, atheist, southern Baptist, agnostic, greek orthodox, bible and Oprah (let’s be honest, it a religion). I had a lot of different spiritual influences growing up. Some how, PRAISE GOD, He delivered me and led me to one truth. Because of my upbringing I hate to say that I’m a Baptist. I hate titles. I think they are stupid if I’m going to be honest.

But… I was a good little Baptist this weekend.

A very good friend of mine (whose name will be Berin from here on out for her job security) was getting baptized. Also, this past weekend was my last weekend as a single gal that isn’t crammed full. So I convinced my friends (whose names will also remain nameless) to put on their swimsuits at 10:00pm on Saturday night and get in my car. I assured them that what we were about to do was legal, fun and would help Berin get ready for her baptism.

They freaked out and were very hesitant to come with me, but my persuasive genius skills won out once more! Once I had them in the car I let them know that what we were about to do wasn’t completely legal. But that I had never been arrested before doing it, just warned.

So, I drove them to my favorite fancy apartment complex. The plan was to turn off the headlights and park down the street till we could follow someone it. But as soon as we got there, we were able to follow someone in right away! So easy! And there wasn’t a security guard in the booth. I drove us to the back parking lot and parked. Then I told them to follow me. As we passed apartment #1507 I told them, “If anyone asks, we live there.” Then I lead them to the most glorious hot tub ever!! You feel like you are in a rock cave oasis!! It was awesome. Perfectly hot. We all jumped (very quietly) in and enjoyed the relaxation.

Then, I told Berin that I could help her calm down about baptism and we proceeded to practice dunking her. We practiced breathing without holding your nose. How to cross your arms perfectly so you don’t have an awkward moment. How to let the pastor push you under and not fall. She did great. After a few dunks, she was ready to go!

We toweled off and got back in the car. Put the radio on 104.9 and had a dance party the whole way home. It might be the most fun I’ve ever with those girls! I’m going to really miss nights like that!!