Good Morning Bo-Bo

Y'all I have never laughed so hard in a church bathroom as I did yesterday. I know that's a strage way to start off, and you've got to be wondering where this could go.

So I was in the ladies room at church yesterday and I heard a mom on the outside of the stalls talking to her 3 kids that were each in a separate stall. And this is the conversation that proceeded:

Mom: Let me know if you need me to wipe your bo-bo

Me: (thinking to myself) what's a bo-bo

Child 1: Mom, I don't need you to wipe my bo-bo, but...

Me: (thinking to myself) what could this child possibly be about to say

Child 1: Mom, my bo-bo wants to say (screaming voice starts here) "GOOD MORNING TO YOU!" (insert massive laughter here)

Me: (thinking again to myself) What?! Did that kids say what I thought they said?!

Child 2: (screaming and laughing) No Mom, my bo-bo wants to say "GOOD MORNING TO YOU"

Me: (thinking again) I am so thankful I am where I am because I might pee in my pants. Keep your laughter silent Becky. Don't laugh out loud. Mom, how in the world do you keep a straight face right now.

Child 3: (screaming and laughing even louder): NO MOM, MY BO-BO WANTS TO SAY "GOOD MORNING TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!"

Child 1, Child 2, Child 3: (all screaming and laughing) No me... no me... no me...

Mom: (same voice as before, not even a hint of smile in her tone) Ok, well open up.

I was dying laughing! It's such an odd gift moms have to not be phased by this. I can't imagine what life will be like when a normal conversation with my child will involve saying "Good Morning" to their... ahem... bo-bo.