I just wanted to take a second to write about Becky. It won't be super long, but the depth of my feelings for her is hard to contain. For one of the first times in my life, words can't explain something that I feel. It's beyond that...

As we've been in the process of finding ourselves spiritually (together vs. singleness), Becky has been a source of encouragement and strength for me. She consistently serves, regardless of the venue. Whether it be at church or in our home, she constantly shows me through her life that she's living for more than now can offer. Yesterday I was exhausted from work and so as soon as she heard that on the phone, she told me I wasn't allowed to get off the couch until after dinner was cooked and on the table. She walked in the door, greeted me and proceeded to make us steak and potatoes to eat that night. She brought everything to our coffee table and we ate a meal together as we started "Fever Pitch". As we finished, I went into the office to set up the pictures for her to edit that night (she was going to crop her pictures for the slide show). When I came back the dishes were done AND put away. Then she forced me to finish the movie so I would rest while she continued to plow through the wedding to-do list.

Now before you jump on my case about being lazy, I just want to say what it did to my heart and my perspective. One night of rest is causing me to feel an all consuming love and admiration for the girl that I'm about to pledge my life to in front of our closest friends and family. She's someone that I can knit my soul to, not because of what she does but because of who she is. And the amazing thing about this is that after being with her a year and seeing her outside of the public arena, my feelings and thoughts towards her continue to grow deeper and more meaningful. Her private worship exceeds her public expression of what God has done in her life. She's such a beautiful creation to see and experience... it's my prayer for us that I love her passionately and completely all the days of our lives.

I love you sweetheart... you are my angel and the object of my affection.