Let me introduce you to one of my favorite women of all time:

Friends meet Great.

This is my great-grandmother ( dad's dad's mom). Basically when my brother was little he couldn't say great grandmother, he could only get out Great. It stuck and that was her name.

Yesterday would've been her 100th Birthday.

I have been so blessed to know 4 of my great-grandmothers in my life time. Each of them heroes of mine in their own way.

When my parents divorced when I was a baby Great moved in with my dad for a time to help out some. This picture below was snapped of us sitting on the swing of our house in the Heights that was printed in the Houston Chronicle (must have been a slow news day).

I loved (and still do) this woman with so much of my heart. She is a woman of great strength and incredible humor. She found her self a young widow with four children too early in life.

She was a pillar in our family of faith (and the last Baptist woman before me... my Papaw lead the rest of our family astray into the Methodist world. I'm totally kidding Papaw, just seeing if you are still paying attention).

She was also a beautiful poet. After she passed away my Papaw made a collection of her poems that is one of my greatest treasures in life.

One of my favorite things she used to tell me growing up is how much I remind her of my Uncle Steven. My Uncle was killed in a car accident when he was just 17. I never knew him. But Great used to tell me all the time that I was a little Steven. I loved that. You see my Uncle Steven was the crazy, adventurous,... not like the rest of group kind of a man. From what I know he pursued passion in life-- maybe not always in the best ways, but passion was his quest.

And I'll end with one final story about the two of us.

When I was little Great had to have heart surgery. Apparently I was really worried about it as a young girl. When my family was talking to me about it I finally asked what had been on my mind: "Well if they open up Great's heart is Jesus going to come out of it?" Oh the raw faith of a 3 year old. (Update: Just realized (and was reminded) that the heart surgery was my other great-grandmother. But still a neat story and testimony of what I had been taught.)

Great, I'm so thankful that you poured into me the truths of Jesus before I even could truly know what you were talking about. I still miss you and think about you often.

Your favorite oldest great-granddaughter,