Great Resource for Houston Area Moms: Houston Moms Blog

Well hello there friends. I feel like it's been forever. Probably because it has been!

There are so many updates and things that have been happening in our life that I have not had or made time for blogging on our personal blog. And a sweet friend encouraged me last night to get back on here more (I love you Hannah).  Because I love sharing about our lives. I love sharing what I'm learning. I love processing my struggles with with you. I love bragging on my girls (and venting on them some too). And I really love when I get to connect with each of you. The comments, emails, Facebook messages mean so much to me. I love hearing how God is using some blabbering by me to speak something to you. Your words back are so life giving. Thank you.

Speaking of blabbering, this blog post wasn't supposed to be a catch up post. ;)

A few months ago I heard about an amazing idea-- a blog just for local moms through the City Moms Blog Network. Basically they launch blogs for cities all over the U.S. to encourage moms and be a resource and connection for them. It's one of those things where I think, "Why hadn't I thought of that?!"

There is probably one in your city too: City Moms Blog Sister Sites. (And if you don't see your city on this list, I happen to know that they are always looking for moms to launch a site. Click to Find out how to start a sister site.)

I'm SO glad that Kelly Davis decided to launch one in our city! And REALLY excited that she asked me to be a contributor for the site. And SO VERY excited to get to know the other mom contributors and get to better know our city and the moms that live here!

Meet our team:

Now go check out the website: Houston Moms Blog

Here are 2 of the posts I've done so far: