Guarantee: This Will Make Your Day

Karis has become super expressive lately in her joy.
It is the most fabulous thing to be around all day.

Her smile is the hugest thing you have ever seen-- opens mouth as big as it can go like she wants to squeal but (usually) holds it in. It forces her eyes to squench shut, but open just enough to let out some of that blue sparkle.
But her laugh. Oh my word. I have never in my life heard such an overflowing, bursting with joy noise.

And I wanted to share it.
On your worst day, I feel certain it will make you feel better.
And on your best day, you can laugh right along.

So thankful the Craigs decided to save Phoebe when she was so sick last month. Nothing can make Karis giggle like that little dog (who has absolutely no interest in her by the way).

If that doesn't make your whole day better, I don't know what will!