Guess who needs boxes?

If you guessed us, you guessed right!

Yep, we have a contract on our house, inspections this Friday and a close date early September!!

Please tell me you are screaming out loud at your computer with total glee for us? I have been telling Chris for the past week, "It's really happening!!!... Can you believe it?!!!... Ahhhh!!!" And he, typical Chris, will reply, "It hasn't happened yet. We still have a lot of steps to go." The Lord knew I'd need to fall in love with a practical man. I've nicknamed him Debbie (after the SNL Debbie Downer character) and he nicknamed me Ed (after Ed McMann's excitement when presenting a million dollars to someone). Poor Karis, she has no hope of turning out normal.

And guess what else?! Apartment Life Ministries has a prospective complex for us too! We have an interview with the manager next Friday to see if we are the right match. Nothing is guaranteed, but we've scoped out the complex and it seems like a great fit.

So you can read this like your typical mission trip letter:  

we would love your prayers, but really we want your boxes. 

I'm joking. OK I'm half joking.

We really do need your boxes though because we got some work to do to pack us up in the next month. So if you have boxes please comment or email me.

But of course, we'd love for you to pray. Here are some specifics:
*Inspections to go well... as well as they can go when it is a 60 year old house. A lovely couple from our church is actually buying the house. For the past 10 months I've prayed nearly every day, "Lord bring someone where this house would be a blessing to them." And it will be. And I feel confident they will be a blessing to our neighborhood as well. With that said, I don't foresee things to get nit picky after inspections. Feel confident we will all do what is right.
*Interview next Friday with our prospective property for Apartment Life. That we would have an instant connection with the manager and that our gifts for community building would be clear to her.

Can you believe this is FINALLY happening?? Crazy that just a few weeks ago I was wondering when God would ever provide a for sale sign and a complex for us (see the "Is it enough for you" post). Hopefully this will bring some clarity to a few of the things I eluded to on the "Pending" post. More announcements to come, Lord willing, here soon. (And no, for you very curious folks, I am not pregnant.)

This whole post reminds me of a post Stuff Christians Like wrote about Mission Trip Letters.