Guest Blogger: Deep Thoughts

My friend, Erin Cunningham, came over tonight and said one of the best analogies that I have EVER heard:

“There is a difference between a guy who doesn’t like Chinese food but will eat it because you like it. And a guy who isn’t a leader but becomes one to impress you.”

So thank you Erin for being a pseudo-guest blogger for today. Love you!

What she meant by that is it is natural for a person to make small changes in their life to make you happy (places to eat, types of movies, etc) here and there. But when someone changes their character to be with you that should be a RED FLAG. It goes both ways though, doesn't it? We will so easily change who we are because of a guy. We'll all of a sudden be obsessed with sports or politics or even God.

I thought it was so deep! Since so many gals have come out of secret blog stalking recently, I thought this would be good for you to hear. :)

Bottom-line: never settle for anything or anyone who doesn’t know who they are. It isn’t worth it. As Beth Moore said this week, “If you are interested in someone who is a morpher (different person around different groups), get as far away from them as possible! Run!” Obviously you still want to love people and be kind, but that doesn’t mean you have to be intimate (emotionally) with them. If you find yourself with someone like “the runaway bride” who changes what kind of eggs they like depending on who they are around… RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!