Guilt Tripped by God

Before I get to my blog, I know that God doesn’t guilt us to do anything. It is more a play on words. With that said…

My office is a fish bowl. 3 of my walls are glass that look over the CLC (the Recreation Facility at my church) where I work. My desk looks right into the work out room. I have blinds that usually are shut. Last week I was feeling claustrophobic and like it was too dark in here. So I opened the blinds and couldn’t believe how it brightened the place.

The Guilt Trip: I have no excuse not to work out.

Why you ask? Because every day for the last week there is a woman who appears to be at least 6 or 7 months pregnant in the weight room. She runs on the treadmill or powerhouses it on the elliptical. She also uses all the weight machines! Her thighs don't even touch for crying out loud!

Seriously?!!! What ever happend to eating for two and laying on the couch eating bon bons and watching oprah?

This past week in Bible study (Breaking Free), we’ve learned about generation sin. I’ve learned that I have inherited the sin of making food and working out an idol in my life. Food is something that has always been for enjoyment. Working out has always been too overwhelming. We blame all sorts of health issues to keep us from doing it.

So I want to turn a new leaf. I haven’t been eating good or exercising since the wedding. I have been comfortable with my previous weight loss that I am just hanging on to these final 15 pounds that have got to go!!

Isn’t the Lord funny that He would place my office looking over a work out room!!

Nice guilt trip God! ;)