Hannah's Blog

My sweet friend (and pretend little sister), Hannah Stovall, has finally decided to blog. Check her out here: http://hannahonmission.blogspot.com/

Hannah is a sophomore at HBU and also works part-time for the Rec Ministry at HFBC (that's how we met). Some of my favorite things about Hannah are: her depth (you would never know she was only 19), her smile (fills up her whole face), her giggle, her looks (she has about a million of them), her mrrhhh (actually I hate this, but it's still endearing), her love for her friends (seriously she talks about them all the time and only wants the best for them), her love for her family... and most of all, her complete devotion and love for Jesus (it challenges me all the time).

So check her out and comment so she knows you are there.

Here's a pic of her, so you can put a face with the name. Isn't she beautiful?!! All you moms who have boys in college, this is SO the kind of girl you want your son to date. The only problem is they'll have to make it through intensive interviews with both Chris and myself first. :)