Happy 10 Month Birthday Karis!

What a whirlwind of a month! Usually I have the blog post ready to post and take her pics on her month birthday (the 17th). But today Chris looked at me and said, we haven't done her monthly pics yet (and her month bday was last week). And he was totally right. I have one very busy baby on my hands these days and she is keeping her mom very distracted. And that is a good thing. We are having a blast (98% of the time).

We went to the pediatrician this month and so we finally have some stats. I was certain she had gotten to a higher percentile for weight. I was wrong again. It's those perfectly squishy cheeks and ginormous head that tricks me. Here are her stats: Weight = 18lbs .5ozs (28%), Height = 24 1/4" (58%), and Head = 17 3/4" (72%). Everything else was right on track. Doc finally said she could start real food. In fact, she said to go total table food. So no more baby food. And baby girl is loving that!


Physically: Crawling every where. Getting faster and faster every day. She likes to use her right leg like a bear crawl to make her push further/faster. She also likes to bear crawl on hard surfaces to go faster. She is pulling up and walking on anything. Letting go more and more (maybe a few seconds). Climbing over anything. She likes to climb up on her chair (see pic below). She has started walking when we hold her hands.

Verbally: Jabbering more and more each day. Tons of consonant and vowel combo's now (ma, da, ba, etc.). I had thought that she might have "dada" down, but I don't think so. And the pediatrician said this would be a bit early to really be saying first words. But we are definitely getting close. I think she is understanding more words though and will often repeat sounds we make. She will "talk" a whole bunch if I talk to her. And she loves to sing when we sing to her or she hears singing. Too adorable. Oh and it should be noted though that her most used noise is her growl. Yes the sweetest little girl on this planet has the most horrifying growl. She sounds like 80 year old smoker man. It is hilarious.

Anything else: Her personality is developing more and more. I was so certain she was going to be much more like her Daddy (quiet, reserved, introvert, etc.). But since she has become mobile she is all over the place, loves people, has a ton of energy, stubborn, determined, risk taker, etc. I know she will have a bit of both of us, but she is her own little person and I can't wait to get to know her more.

Favorite Things: climbing on things (primarily her chair), falling backwards / hanging upside down, playing with both Mommy and Daddy, tickling her tummy, hide-n-seek / peek-a-boo, eating real food, following me around the house, Cousin Ems, reading books, spending time with Kyle Skaggs (Karis' betrothed) and their whole fam, swimming and anything to do with being in a pool (we go nearly every day), watching Cardinal highlights with Daddy, getting on the big screen at the Cardinals v Astros game, playing with bouncy balls, Daddy coming home from work (she crawls to the door as fast as possible), Uncle Colton visiting, Aunt Erin & Uncle Mik babysitting, biting (Chris calls her "Jaws"), and clapping.

Dislikes: hearing me say "NO" (which I say a million times a day now), getting off schedule, her crawling sunday school room, yogurt puffs (but loves yogurt), the YMCA childcare room (she clinches on to us for dear life), waiting to get food (she wants it right away), cuddling, going to bed if people are here, falling down hard, Daddy leaving, diaper rashes, and (possibly) more teething.

And, here's some pictures I took:

Chris and I keep looking at this one and saying, "that one is just her." This is what we look at all day long. Generally speaking, she is truly a happy baby. And she loves clapping. And her life is a blur because she is always on the move. 

She has always been a baby of expressions, hasn't she?

Her new climbing trick.

And this picture is becoming a tradition for these monthly photoshoots, the "Mom, seriously, I'm done" picture:

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