Happy 11 Month Birthday Karis!

Y'all can you believe this is her LAST month birthday ever?! If she wasn't such a stinking blast right now I'd seriously want to sob. Trying to savor every last moment of my baby girl because that baby-ness in her is drastically fading away.

Some pictures I took of her:
*This is the reason for the delay in posting (actual month bday is the 17th)... she's had a stomach bug. Not the best photo opp.

This is how she plays Peek-a-Boo.

Truly a happy baby...95% of the time. 


This is her new "I'm-so-happy-I-can-hardly-stand-it" face. 

She climbs on everything. Everything. Fearless.

This is one of my favorite things, when she stands up she is always on her tippy toes. I tell her, "Put your heels on Karis." 


OK, Mom, I'm over this. 

And a month photoshoot wouldn't be complete without the, I'M DONE picture. 

Here are some updates on our sweet girl: 


Personality: Not sure if this should have it's own category, but it deserves one. As we've known from her expressions since day one, this girl was guaranteed to have some personality in her! While she isn't a cuddly baby, she has become an affection one! She hugs us all the time (ear pressed against our chest and says, "ahhhh")... and even hugs random things (floor, couch, toys, etc.). She has a huge open mouth kiss, of course right on the lips (good thing we got over that phobia). She is a truly happy baby the majority of the time with lots of smiles. But, and I do mean but, when she isn't happy, it is horrible.

Physically: She really doesn't stop... ever. Up and down and all around. No first steps yet, but we are getting closer for sure. No clue how long it will take, and truly don't care this isn't a race. She is standing independently longer (maybe 10 seconds or more). Standing more barely holding on to things or just resting her leg against me to hold her up. Walking more holding on to our fingers (will go all over the house now and is just barely holding on).

Verbally: I would say the only word I am totally convinced she knows is "Dada." But there are other words she seems to know, but like anything else she does she can't be pushed into saying it, she will do it in her own time and way. But the other words are "bu-bye" (and will wave when we are leaving somewhere), "yay" (and will clap), "ta-da" (and will put her left arm up to show off), and "yeah" (and nod her emphatically head yes). She will also repeat words we say and make similar sounds. She refuses to say "mama" but you better believe I'm working on it. If she hears others talking, she tries to "talk" with us now. And if she hears music she has started singing in a really high pitched quiet voice.

Eating: Girlfriend loves her some table food. She loves any and all food. Loves, of course, the independence of getting to feed herself. She typically will eat anything set before her and totally clear the tray (like I have to cut her off sometimes). When she is done she starts flailing her arms and spreading her food around (so we are working on baby sign, "all done"). Loves milk in a bottle, but not a sippy cup. But will drink water throughout the day through a straw sippy. One other cute thing is when she eats, she likes to share her food with you. So she'll take a bite and then hand you a bite.

Anything else: She learned to share and pass things back and forth. She claps for herself when she gives you something. Waving has started again (she could do it months ago and then stopped randomly). Now she will wave independently (without us prompting). She has also learned how to put things away (follow simple commands like, "Can you put this block (point) in the box (point)?" And she will and then claps for herself. Sleeping like a champ still-- 8pm to 8am at night and then 4 hours of naps a day (typical day: 10a-12p and 2-4p). But if we aren't home she is not a very good sleeper.

Favorite Things: Daddy. Second to him, any other man (it's really getting ridiculous. She charms strangers every where we go). Fruit. Sharing (loves passing things back and forth). Reading (especially turning the pages and kissing the babies in the pictures). Peek-a-boo. Her stuffed animal dogs. Airplanes. Putting things in her mouth. Emery, had a blast with her big cousin for a whole week in the country. St. Louis Cardinals (went to first game at Busch Stadium). Silent scream (this is when you are really happy/excited, you open you mouth really wide and it's like you are screaming, you could just burst). And anything involved in outside.

Least Favorite Things: Not getting her way or having freedom (the tantrums and fake crying have already begun, Lord help me). Getting in the new car seat (even worse than the old car seat). Getting off schedule. Getting dropped off in childcare (church, Houston Project, YMCA). Stomach bugs (first one this month).

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