Happy 16 Month Birthday Karis!

I had planned on posting every 3 months after her 1st Birthday but life is flying by these days and not only have I not sat down to do this, but she didn't have her 15 month appointment till her 16 month Birthday. But I do want to record all of these moments so I will delay no longer.

Some pictures:
I'm going to have to skip this part... life is crazy and I just don't have the time to post these right now. Get ready for a picture catch up soon though!

Some updates on our big girl:

Physically: Height - 32" (83 percentile), Weight 22lbs 8oz (62 percentile) and Head 18.5" (79 percentile). She went up by 30 percentile in both height and weight... but thankfully her head didn't get any bigger. Everything else our pediatrician said she is right on track, nothing to worry about! So we are very thankful for that. Things to start working on is to start using her own spoon and fork when she eats and find ways to get some meat in her (she is pretty much a vegetarian).
Personality: Oh this age is too much fun! Don't get me wrong, it has never been more challenging, but we'll get to that. The word I would use to best describe Karis' personality is intense-- intensely happy, intensely serious, intensely focused/serious, intensely determined... intense. She is super affectionate but not cuddly. She loves giving kisses, but doesn't cuddle or hug too much. She will kiss anything she loves-- us, friends, the fish bowl, her book, and just this morning the ornaments on the tree. I can't figure out if she is a total introvert or if she is a little actress (or if you can be both). When I observe her with other kids she is often pretty quite and reserved and takes a while to warm up. But when we are together and around other adults she is constantly working for smiles and waves and laughs.
Verbal: She is finally talking all the time-- lots of intentional and conversational gabber (she's always been such a nonvocal child, so it's fun to finally hear some noise). Of course she is still not saying "Mama." Yep, when we try to encourage her to say "Mama" she either stares at us blank face or looks at me and says, "Dada." Nice. Other words she says pretty regularly: "Dada," "uuhhhpp" (up), "doh-doh" (dog), "na-na-na-na-na" (no), "yah-yah" (yes), "feesshhhh" (fish), "taa-uuuu" (thank you), "bee-ball" (Bible), "hel-hel" (help help... usually when she wants her bow back on), "buh-bol" (bubble), "mo-mo" (more more), "peese" (please), "uuuhh-ooooo" (uh-oh), "na-na" (with hand wave, for night night or bye bye), "bum" (fist bump, "fiii" (five), "ha-eeee" (happy... for when we sing "Happy Birthday Jesus") and "ha-ha-ha-ha" (for hot, when she sees my coffee cup she whispers this).

Favorite Things: Men are still her favorite with Daddy being the most favorite (I have to worn ladies every time to not take it personally, she will just always prefer a man and go right to him), accessories of all kind (loves wearing necklaces, bracelets, glasses, hats and purses), Mothers Day Out (remember when she hated this? So glad that passed this semester!), blowing kisses (she's into blowing 5 kisses at once, her way of saying I really mean it), singing songs (favs: "Happy Birthday Jesus," "Jingle Bells" and "Head Shoulders Knees & Toes"), blowing bubbles, being outside, being with one of her big sisters (a lot of friends and Emery are older than her, and she loves following them around now), Veggie Tales & Sesame Street (loves Bob the Tomato and Elmo, I think because they look a like), Christmas trees, eating (she's sporting a very full Buddha belly these days) and her sleep slack blankie (we figured out she loves it because it was her lovie, so we took her out of it and let her sleep with it like a blankie). 

Least Favorite Things: Getting woken up or off schedule (she's always loved her sleep), too many errands because she hates getting in & out of car-seat, strangers (a new round of stranger anxiety has set in for sure), teething (she is working on breaking her 13th tooth!), being told "no" (she's getting better, but she doesn't like it and will still throw tantrums... guessing that's life for the next few years), getting checked out at the doctor (we have to pin her down to get her ears checked, it's bad), being held when she wants to walk and meat (she loves fruit, veggies, dairy and bread).

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