Happy 1st Birthday Karis!

I wrote most of this post on her birthday (Aug 17), but am just getting around to uploading the pictures and posting it...

Up until the night before her birthday I was truly fine. I hadn't been sad at all about her turning one. I really love each new stage as more of her personality blossoms. But last night, I read a letter that Chris wrote to her for her birthday and I lost it. For the rest of the night I fought back tears and that has pretty much been the course of this week. I don't even know what exactly I am mopey about because I'm not sad that she's not a baby anymore. I guess I just feel like it is all going by so fast. That a whole year has come and gone like that. I'm trying to slow things down for us so we don't miss things. I want to notice our life. I want to notice her. I want to savor all of this. I want to find joy in the mundane.

Time for some pictures of the big girl: 

But first let's take a walk down memory lane...

*Photo courtesy of Fish Lips Photography

*Photo courtesy of Fish Lips Photography

*Photo courtesy of Fish Lips Photography

*Photo courtesy of Fish Lips Photography

*Photo (excluding editing)  courtesy of Fish Lips Photography

*Photo courtesy of Fish Lips Photography

And now for the big ONE YEAR OLD....

I am so loving this new face she makes-- mouth wide open, lips curled around the teeth and this look of glee in her eyes like she can hardly stand the joy she is feeling. The best paycheck I could ever get.

Getting her balance ready to take a few steps to Daddy. 

And the monthly, "I'm done now, Mom" picture...

*Check back soon for a look at some of pictures from her One Year shoot with Fish Lips Photography 
and also some pictures from our birthday week celebration!

Here are some updates on our sweet little puddin' popper: 


*Will update height and weight after her 1 year appt on aug 25.

Personality: All in all she is a happy little girl. But when she isn't happy, it is intense, truly intense. She has always been a girl of expressions and they've gotten even better this month! She has started a posed smile face, a "I can hardly stand my excitement" mouth wide open face, and a "what-cha looking at, huh?" face. Also, we have started the toddler tantrums. I thought those didn't start till two? Oh. My. Word.

Physically: Getting SO close to walking. She takes 1-4 steps all by herself all throughout the day. She loves walking holding to just a finger and will walk all around like that. So she just needs to get some confidence to let go. When she is ready it will happen. Also, she has learned how to climb up stairs really well. And has learned how to climb off the couch the right way without falling.

Verbally: She started out the month saying a whole lot of words, and as the month has progressed she has become more selective with saying them (no surprise, she has done this with each new trick she learns). Current words she can, and sometimes will, say: "Dada" (dad), "Ahhh" (kiss or hug), "na-Na-NA-NAAA-NAAA!!" with arms flailing back and forth (no! No! NO!!!), "yay" and often clap (happy or proud of self), "Ya...Ya" with heading nodding (yes), "bu-bye" while waving (bye), "ta-da" with one arm up (tada, aka look what I did!), "tict-tict-tict" while scrunching up her hand (tickle-tickle-tickle). And, yes the girl who can say her own version of tickle is still refusing to say "Mama," I don't know where she gets her strong will from... (wink). Other than these words, she has started chattering a lot through out the day and seems to be having real conversations not just exploring her voice (before this she has always been a pretty quite baby).

Anything else: She has become very affection this month-- initiating lots of hugging and kisses (both with us and inanimate objects). She has started falling asleep on our shoulder if we pick her up asleep out of her car seat (she has refused to do this most of her life, so it is so very sweet!). She loves food and has often been able to eat more than me (doc said she'll let you know when she is done but I still cut her off some days). Still sleeping and crazy about her schedule, like clockwork: 8pm-8am, 10a-12p, and 2-4p (unless we aren't home, then she isn't very good at napping).

Favorite Things: Cousin Emery, no contest there. Men, it is really getting ridiculous how she favors men. Coming to worship in the chapel with us-- she will clap her hands and bounce around, and sometimes wave her arm around in the air. Going outside-- when I get close to the door she comes up real close and says, "ya-ya-ya" and nods her head up and down. The splash pad. "Reading" books and kissing all the people in the books. Playing parachute. Her big girl friends that are like sisters (Elizabeth Craig, Jemma Folloder, Aubrey Bradford, Adelaide McCord, Bella Perroni, Lauren Kohler and Ella Skaggs). Hanging upside down. People coming over to our house. Her big girl chair from PBK. Fake sneezing. Playing peek-a-boo when we Skype.

Least Favorite Things: Aunt Erin going back to work. Getting the stomach bug. Being strapped into the car seat... especially long car trips. Having things taken away from you. Diaper changes (truly a bunking bronco). Not having the sleep sack or sound machine for a couple of nights (didn't last long). Getting off schedule. Getting run over by bigger kids (always accidentally, she is just usually the youngest of the group). People in her face. Being physically forced to do anything (needs to be in her time). Having things taken away from her (bring on the tantrums).

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