Happy 3 Month Birthday Moriah!

I thought things flew by with Karis, but I tell you what when you already have another kid you are chasing after, you have to work really hard to notice the details and make the moments with each kid. There are so many times I forget what I "should be doing" to help her developmentally. I'll see someone else doing something with their baby (who is usually younger than M) and think, "Oh I guess we can do that now too!" Grin.

We sure do love our sweet girl. And she makes it easy to love her.

For you who just like pictures:

One of my fave Moriah poses-- ready to fight! She's got her sissy's back!
Chub-a-wub. We are loving these rolls!

World's most smiley baby. 
And for you who like words too:

Moriah Pearl Kiser. Riah (r-eye-uh). Mo. Sissy. Sissy Monkey. Monk. Monkeroo. Little Pud. Bigaboo. Chubawub. Chub. Just a few of the things we call her.

Stats: Don't have any stats this month. But expecting a spike in weight as this girl is putting on some rolls! Love them so very much.

Development:  She is cooing all the time, and especially when we talk to her. She will roll from side to side when placed on back (which we have to get better at playing more on her back). And, last but not least, she giggled for the first time! Drooling so much these days (not sure if teething early like big sis did or just that age).

Eating: This has been a really hard month, one I didn't see coming at all. Nursing had been going SO well. Until I had my episode. The same thing happened with Karis too. Apparently I am super sensitive to any hiccup in breastfeeding. I drove myself near crazy last time. And I promised myself that I would try to hard to breastfeed, but I wouldn't go crazy this time. I ignored myself though. I did what I started pumping 3 extra time a day, taking mothers milk tea & fenugreek supplements, and chugging water like crazy. Finally my sweet accountability group challenged me to really consider what was best. They reminded me of what I had said before, that I wouldn't do this. So this month was all about letting my milk supply dry up, I embraced the inevitable. And I have to say it was harder and easier than last time. Easier because I know this time that Moriah is going to be fine. I worked through that when this happened with Karis. I know that formula isn't satan's poison and ultimately I trust God with her life and health. But it's been harder because of how natural BFing was this time. It wasn't AT ALL with Karis so I have really thought I might be able to actually BF Moriah the whole year. The good news is she is taking formula fine! And I'm still able to give her some breast milk each day that I had stored up.

Sleeping: This is an area I'm having to really fight not to compare her to Karis (world's best sleeper) and also loosen up expectations since she has reflux. She will go about 9 hours from feed to feed (so 8 hours of sleep). We had to cry it out for a couple of nights but with reflux you can't cry for more than 30 minutes... thankfully you stopped both nights at 28 minutes.

Favorite Things: Being on a billboard! Smiling (seriously the world's most smiley baby). Road trip to see Uncle Nils, Aunt Katie, Emery & Shelby. The nursery at church (those ladies love on you so well and you have lots of friends in there too). Family walks when Daddy gets home. Kuku (Chris' dad) and CoCo (Chris' little bro) coming for a visit. Laying on a blanket in the backyard. Sucking on your hands and fingers.

Dislikes: Mommy losing her milk. Crying it out.

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Because so many ask, here is a pic of Karis at 3 months:

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