Happy 4 Month Birthday Moriah

Our sweet baby girl is 4 months old. It is crazy how fast it is passing by. With a second kid (and I'm sure it's even more so with each additional) you have to fight so much harder to notice the little moments. To take it all in. I tell myself often through out the day, "Slow down. Soak it up. Look at them and just enjoy them." The to do lists are getting checked off slower theses days. And I'm good with that.

Also, two of my favorite things about having a second kid:

1. It simply isn't as hard/frustrating/scary/etc. because you know it really passes. You feel comfortable in how to respond. You know how to do things like suck snot out of their nose or use a rectal thermometer. You know that it's all just a guessing game. You know that it could be teething or a growth spurt, and it really could not be either of those and it could just be an off day. And that's ok. Because they are a baby and it wasn't that long ago that they were inside of you.

2. You don't care so much about the "developmental milestones." You don't try so hard to get them to the next level. It's not a competition or an accomplishment for you to brag about if your kid does something early. And it's also not something to worry about if your kid is behind on something. You know that one day, in their own time, they will get it. Every little personality is so very different. And that is perfect.

For you who just like pictures: 

There is nothing cuter than a chunky baby. Any mamas out there insecure about your baby having rolls? They will fade away one day, enjoy them while they are here. Squeeze them till they can't stand it any more. 

There are few things in life that have brought me as much joy as watching this sister love. 

Wouldn't be a shoot, without some sister love. They could not love each other more.

Karis sits next to her so many times a day and says, "Sissy, let's talk. Whatcha want to talk about?" Makes me giddy thinking about the nights I'll have to tell them to cut it out because they are giggling away in their room (and, I know I know, have to tell them to cut it out from fighting.)

Now for you word lovers, here are some updates
Stats: She checked out great at her 4 month appointment-- right on track. Weight: 14lbs 6.6 oz (57%ile), Height: 25 1/4 (83%ile) and Head Circumference: 16 3/4 (94%ile). Apparently having her picture on a billboard has really gotten to her head. 
Temperament/Personality: Happy as can be! And chill in every way.

*First giggles! She's been SO smiley since, I think, 4 weeks, but those giggles haven't come very quickly. But at 3 months and 1 week she let out the most glorious giggle! She had a bad case of the hiccups and it was cracking her up. She'd been doing that breathy laugh but this was our first big giggle!
*Coo-ing all the time! Sweetest sound on the planet. Sometimes I'll let her lay in her crib and just watch her on the monitor "talking" to herself and her butterfly mobile.
*Rolling over from tummy to back. She'd rolled a few times but now its happening consistently and for sure not just randomly. She still doesn't it do it all the time-- true to her personality and all her milestones she does it all in her own time and pace. Pretty chill.
*Sucking fingers or fist. She prefers those to the paci and hasn't tried the thumb yet.
*Holding and batting at toys has begun! And also clasping hands together.

Eating: We are all formula now with some supplemental pre-pumped milk. She is taking 6 oz bottles now and will usually have 4-6 oz a feeding (not consistent on how much yet) and has this about 5 times a day. She eats as soon as she wakes. Has a good burp and then is ready to play. This hardly spits up but has a few times. 
Sleeping: Beginning of the month (at 3 months) she was going 10 hours of sleep and 11 hours from feed to feed. Her last feed is usually around 7pm and then Chris puts her down around 8pm. Then she would sleep till 6am, feed and go back down then be up a couple hours later. Now, at 3 months, she is going 12 straight hours of sleep (13 from feed to feed)!! That is in large park thanks to how she transitioned beautifully to the crib! We had her in an inclined bassinet due to her reflux and my mom didn't know that so when she laid her down she laid her in the crib and she slept 12 hours that first night. I think she was waking herself up in the bassinet when she would try shuffling around. Sleeps mostly in her crib but will also sleep in swing, carseat or pack-n-play well. 
Favorite Things: Karis' nap time because it's Moriah & Mommy time, our only time when it's just the two of us. Meeting extended family at Smith Family Reunion. Grandma coming for a visit. Cousins Week (Emery & Shelby and Grandma all came in for a whole week). The jumper. Mirrors make this girl light up!
Dislikes: Clogged tear ducts in both eyes (will have to have surgery after 6 months if still there). Tummy time.

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