Happy 5 Month Birthday Karis!

This month has just been a blast.
Yes, of course, there are days and moments where I thought just maybe I might pull my hair out. Hard days are a given (whether you have a baby or not). But this month, Karis has just been a joy! I am smiling now as I type this just recalling how much fun she has been!
I can't get over it. And I don't want to.

I am loving (most) every moment of being a mommy. I still believe this is the hardest thing I have ever done. Like EVER done. But she's so worth it. I love each and every bit of her.

For you "let's get to the facts" kind of people,
here are her stats and monthly pictures:

We went to the pediatrician for her 4 month appointment a week before her 5 month birthday, so we have pretty current stats: Height - 26 inches (90th percentile) and Weight - 13lbs 2oz (23rd percentile). So she remains in the tall and skinny category, which makes finding her clothes a challenge. Developmentally she is right on track with everything.

Now for some pictures of our sweet little pud':

Can you believe I finally put some clothes on my child? This is her Parent Commitment dress that she will wear this Sunday to the service.

Chris thinks this might be too much. I totally disagree. A lot of 5 month olds wear faux fur coats.

OK, Mom, enough is enough already.

For you "I want lots and lots of details" kind of people
(basically the Great-Aunts and Grandparents), here are my daily details from this past month:

*Just so you know, I am totally aware that this section gets longer and longer. And I'm not even going to apologize for it. The older she gets the more I realize that I just don't want to forget a thing! So I used to write just a sentence, now I tend to write several for each day. First time mom syndrome I guess. :)

Dec 18: You opened your first Christmas presents! Your Mimi has spoiled you with tons of books, a few toys and even a door way bouncer. And she spoiled us (Mom and Dad) and gave us a date night. So the two of you got some special alone time. She loves you and the feeling is obviously mutual. But the highlight of your day was: you had been away from your Daddy since Tuesday and you lit up when you saw him. You didn’t stop smiling and he didn’t put you down for a long time.
Dec 19: We went looking at Christmas lights in River Oaks tonight. We all three put on our Christmas pajamas, stopped at Starbucks for hot cocoa and hit the road listening to Christmas Carols. It was a fun tradition that we will continue in the years ahead. I can’t wait for you to enjoy it too.
Dec 20: Today you went to the Zoo for the very first time (with your BFF, Laurel Saxe). You weren’t too amused by it, but you were calm so I think you were just taking it all in. Also, you have started doing this hilarious trick on yourself while we are feeding you a bottle. While you are sucking away you will slowly sneak your thumb into your mouth. That will frustrate you deeply that your sucking isn’t working and you will start crying. We will then pull your thumb out and re-latch you to the bottle. Then the process repeats. It’s so funny. This will happen many more times in your life sweet one-- you will cause yourself unnecessary frustration. Simply a part of life.
Dec 21: Fussy day it has been for you. It’s not your fault though-- last night we really implemented crying it out. I have been giving in and feeding you in the middle of the night ever since the feeding issues came up since we weren’t sure what was going on. But now that is fixed, it was time to get you back on your good sleep schedule you had before all this feeding mess happened. So I let you cry it out when you woke up at 4am. You cried for 45 minutes. Thankfully you found your thumb and finally fell asleep. But the day got better after a mini play date with Elizabeth Craig and then Aunt Casey came over to play. Plus you are taking at least 3 hour naps every afternoon now (you and Mom both like those)!
Dec 22: You took your first flight today and you did great! I was a nervous/stressed messed and your dad was cool and collected. Thankfully the flight was delayed an hour, so you got to have your feeding just as we were taking off (the Lord’s timing is so perfect). Then you fell asleep in my arms for the rest of your flight-- just what we both needed. Your Grammy & Grampy couldn’t wait to get their hands on you! One more thing: you have started making this fake burp noise now when we burp you. You sound like an old man and you make us laugh so hard when you do it!
Dec 23: What a big day it was for you today! We gave you rice cereal for the first time (doctor’s orders since formula seems to give you a bit of reflux). You had a funny reaction to it and thankfully we got it all on film! You met your Uncle Jason for the first time today. He lives on the other side of the world in Australia and we miss him a bunch. Also, you slept 11 hours last night and woke up once or twice and whimpered for just a few minutes-- you are a pro at this sleeping through the night thing. I woke up at 5am and didn’t know what to do with all the rest I had. You got to see all the Kiser crew today too when we went to visit your Great Papaw Kiser. You saw Uncle Karl, Aunt Jane, Uncle Bill, Brian, Kuku and Uncle Colton. You love everyone so much... but you didn’t love being out of your routine.
Dec 24: Christmas Eve: You slept 12 hours last night without a single peep! So proud of you sweet girl! Traveling at Christmas has been a little hard on you-- always on the go seeing all your family and you haven’t had one nap or feeding on schedule/time today. I will say that I love that when me or your Daddy take you out of someone’s arms when you’ve been fussy, you calm down immediately. Of course I love when you are happy with others too. But I love knowing that me and your Daddy really do bring you the most comfort. Grammy let you open a present today-- a baby cell phone. Just your first of many cell phones. I look so forward to long talks you and I will have on the phone as you get older. I love you sweet girl more than you will ever know.
Dec 25: Christmas Day: You woke up as usual at 7:30am. We grabbed you out of your pack and play and brought you into our room. While Mommy fed you your morning bottle, Daddy read the Christmas story from Luke 2. Your very first Christmas gift from us was a Compassion Child. Later that morning we went into the game room where your Grammy and Grampy spoiled you rotten-- stocking full of all kinds of goodies, money, a zoo membership, books, toys, a denim jacket, some cute hats and a headband and so much more. Your Uncle Jason spoiled you rotten with all kinds of things from Australia. One outfit in particular he bought in a size 3. He thought since you are 3 months, that it would fit. He didn’t realize that was for age 3. So you will have to wait a bit for that one.
Dec 26:
You rolled over again today for your Grammy and Grampy! Everyone was cheering you on and you did it. You could do it every time you do tummy time, but you have become perfectly content on your tummy just sucking your hands. We are also very thankful that your high pitched voice is back. Mommy was getting worried that that old man/smoker’s growl was gonna stick around. We are continuing with the rice cereal, you seem to like it less and less. But we will keep trying, it’s certainly humorous to watch you make a mess. You’ve been batting at your feet for weeks and weeks, but for the past few days you’ve been grabbing your feet. Just a few more weeks and I’m sure that foot will regularly be in your mouth! Yuck!
Dec 27:
You have started doing the sweetest thing-- when we put you close to our faces you rub them really sweet and intently. You are just feeling us out. It’s not like before when your hand would bonk us or brush us, you are feeling us and experiencing us. You love rubbing your Daddy’s beard when he hasn’t shaved and grabbing our nose, and poking my eyes. Some of the sweetest moments for us. You especially do this when we have our weekend family snuggle party in bed when you first wake up.
Dec 28:
Grammy and Grampy babysat you tonight and you didn’t cry a single tear-- they said that you were happy from the moment we left till they laid you down. It has been so fun to watch you bond with them this past week. You even gave your Grampy a little chuckle (something we know you can do, but for some reason are holding it in). A very special moment of the night was putting you in the reindeer pajamas that we gave them last year to tell them we were expecting you!
Dec 29:
You are getting much better at rice cereal-- you opened your mouth for it today and even swallowed some! Today we experienced the worst turbulence both your Daddy and I have ever been on. It was so bad that I had to hold on to you very tight for 30 minutes otherwise you would’ve gone flying (not exaggerating in the least). We were wobbling side to said and up and down. And yet some how, you fell asleep. You have always loved aggressive movement and white noise (the plane and rain). Plus you tried out two new toys today: 1. the doorway jumper-- unfortunately this was just before nap time, so you weren’t lovin’ it. 2. The Exersaucer-- you liked it and played with some of the toys and tried to eat everything. It was so cute to see your little legs hanging down.
Dec 30: You do the funniest thing when you eat. Sometimes you will slowly raise up your left leg (like you are doing a one cheek sneak). It cracks me and Daddy up every time. Daddy gave you rice cereal this morning and you took almost all of it!
Dec 31:
New Year’s Eve: We had a fun day with your Gigi and GPaw and Aunt Katie, Uncle Nils and Emery too! First we headed to the Zoo where we got our membership for the year. After that you and Ems took naps and then we headed out to Sugarland for a Celebration of music, dancing, light show, mini-shows and fireworks. It was so much fun! Then we went back to Gigi and GPaw’s for more fireworks and then you girls went down.
Jan 1:
New Year’s Day: Today you talked with your Daddy about your New Year’s resolutions. Your goal is to accomplish the following this year: roll over consistently, crawl, walk, eat solids, say first words, and grow hair. We had Christmas with all of them too and Aunt Katie, Uncle Nils and Emery got you a Season Pass to SeaWorld for when we visit and Gigi and GPaw gave you Your Baby Can Read DVDs.
Jan 2:
You were so happy at church this morning! You smiled at everyone you saw today! You have also taken 2 7oz bottles (crazy to think that just a few weeks ago they were only 4ozs). You have solidified the long afternoon nap-- more than a week of at least 3 hours. You were so funny after your 4:30p feeding- afterward you laid back on Dad and put your hand over your tummy as if to say: “I’m stuffed.”Also, you are showing signs that you recognize your name when we say it.
Jan 3:
The past couple of days we’ve watched Passion’s Live Stream. Yesterday you listened to Mr. Louie Giglio teach and you wouldn’t stop “talking” (or amen-ing) with him the whole time. But today as you sat in Mommy’s lap and we listened to Ms. Beth Moore teach, you were silent as can be for at least 15 minutes of it. Praying that you have a heart for God’s word and a heart to lead other girls. She talked about taking control of our mind and having freedom in it, prayed that over you today. That you would not be held by anything but Christ.
Jan 4:
Not watching TV has been really fun for us as a family. Tonight you and your Dad danced for a long time. It was the sweetest thing to watch. And just so we have a record of it, your daily schedule (typically) is as follows: 7:30-9am- awake. 9am-10am- first nap. 10-11:30am- awake.11:30-12:30p - nap. 12:30-2p- awake. 2-4 or 5p- nap. 4:30-6p- wake. 6-7p-nap. 7-8 or 8:30p awake. 8:30 (at the latest)- bedtime. When you are awake we: feed first (bottle and sometimes rice cereal) play on your platmat (sometimes together, sometimes you play by yourself), do tummy time (you are quite the champ) and practice rolling over, bouncer (usually I put you in this while I shower so the steam can help clear out your sinus (been pretty congested lately), doorway jumper, walks (at memorial park or up and down our street), swing outside, talk and sing together, watch hooked on phonics for babies video, run errands, play dates, etc. Usually 10-15mins before a nap we will go to your room, turn the lights down, read a few books, I’ll pray over you, sing some songs and put you down before you fall asleep (because you are a big girl and can put yourself asleep on your own no problem). But because you are a baby, I know this could all change tomorrow and that will be just fine.
Jan 5:
You have taken to the bottle really well, I was worried that the transition to formula would be hard, but other than a little constipation at first, you’ve done great. When you wake up I give you 8oz of breastmilk (previously pumped) and then some rice cereal. You are finally opening our mouth and wanting to eat the rice cereal. More now gets in your mouth than on your face. For the rest of the day you take a 6oz bottle once you wake up from naps. You will usually stop to burp around 3-4ozs and spit up a little at the end. You like to hold the bottle, but usually not for too long. And when you see the bottle you open your mouth real wide and start panting (you used to do this when you nursed too).
Jan 6: We had your 4 month check up even though you are almost 5 mns) and here are your stats: Height - 26 inches (90th percentile), weight 13lbs 2oz (23rd percentile). Dr. Torn said you are doing great and right on track with everything developmentally. She said you are ready to start baby food now too! You got 2 shots-- you didn’t even notice the 1st one, the 2nd one made your whole face turn beet red and then you cried, but as soon as I picked you up you started smiling and even laughed! You have started this new laugh this week where you squeal a little then suck air in. It’s so funny!
Jan 7:
You love music and singing... even more, you love MY singing. You might be the only one of the face of this planet. But if you are crying/fussy and I start to sing or hum, you calm right down. Not having a rocker during the holidays while we were out of town wasn’t a problem because I’d just sway you in my arms and sing. My favorite song to sing to you is: “You Are the One.” It was my song for you during my pregnancy.
Jan 8:
Day with Dad... Mom went out of town for a girls trip, so you got a full day and night with Dad. He took you to breakfast, to the Zoo, to run errands, you pooped on him, he got you all ready for church and took you to church. But more than that you got lots of cuddles and play time with just your Dad. Karis watching you with him is one of my very favorite things to do. There is not doubt about it-- you are a Daddy's girl!
Jan 9:
Your closet has been cleaned out and you are in 3-6 month or 6 month clothes. Sad day. It is so hard to put things away that no longer fit you. I think I am in denial that you are in 6 month clothing! Clothing is a tricky thing for you because at 5 months you definitely need the 6 months clothes because of the height (your shirts were like 3/4 and your pants were looking like capris), but all the 3 month clothes were fitting you perfectly around. Long and skinny girl (except those smooshy cheeks!).
Jan 10:
Today you started two new things: 1. You had rice cereal at night just after your last feeding. You demolished it! You don’t leave much in the bowl or on your face any more. You open your mouth when you see the spoon and swallow quickly. 2. You started this really scary noise where you suck in. It sounds like you are chocking. The first few times you did it I was certain I was about to have to do some sort of First Aid on you. Ready for this trick to pass.
Jan 11:
You aren’t feeling so hot today. Either your are teething or having some tummy issues. Your fever tonight was only 99.2 (I had to do the rectal thermometer on you-- more traumatic for me than it was for you). You have been spitting up a ton today and it smells not like your usual spit up, so I’m thinking something is up with your tummy. You also were too fussy to nap this afternoon. Poor baby!
Jan 12:
You made a new friend today-- Sophie the teething giraffe. You love her so. Also, you have gotten really good at practicing how to sit. You love sitting up, usually on the couch barely propped up with pillows just in case you decide to throw yourself backwards or sideways. You are changing every day baby girl.
Jan 13: Today we went to Dr. Torn to get your reflux checked out. You would’ve NEVER KNOW we were there because you had been screaming in pain the days before. You were a giggling mess! Every time you hiccuped, I would fake hiccup. You thought it was hilarious and would release the cutest giggle I have ever heard. We did this for at least 20 minutes straight. Oh you make me laugh so much!!!
Jan 14: Mommy & Daddy went on a date tonight and you went to the White’s to play with Madeleine. She is the closest in age to you in the class, so it is so fun to watch y’all together. They got some fun videos of you poking her cheek and trying to hold her hand. Such sweet friends.
Jan 15:
You’ve given Mommy such a sweet gift-- you don’t wake up till after 8 or 8:30a every day! You had an entire day with Aunt Erin and (Soon-to-Be) Uncle Mik while we went to a training for Apartment Life. They love you so much and you feel the same way! They are who we always call first when we can’t be home with you.
Jan 16: You LOVE Sundays, because (I’m pretty sure) you LOVE people. You love smiling at everyone and they love smiling right back! It is my favorite thing how people stop us all the time and comment at how sweet you are and you give them a full face smile. Also, you love sitting up. You can’t do it by yourself quite yet, but you love us to prop you up in our laps and sometimes you will lean forward and not lean against our hands, or on the couch... really anywhere, you love being up!
Jan 17:
FIVE MONTHS! Baby girl, I can’t believe it’s been five months! You have been an absolute joy this month. You smile (what seems like) non-stop. Really your only times to cry is if I can’t get the food in your mouth fast enough, we are out and about during nap time and you are having a hard time falling asleep, or (and this is new) if you had just gotten in my arms and someone grabs you from me. This one I secretly love because it shows me how you prefer me. And I prefer you too little pud’!

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