Happy 5 Month Birthday Moriah!

Poor second kids. I officially feel bad for giving my mom a hard time my entire life that my baby book has 5 pages filled up, while my big brother's had to have extra pages added. Now I know she was doing good to even have a baby book for me! Here we are days away from Moriah's 6 month birthday and I'm finally catching up on blogs. Swim lessons, sickness and potty training have taken over our house the past couple months and I am so behind on anything that isn't pressing.

So back to our sweet girl... Moriah Pearl Kiser is 5 months old (we are going to pretend all this was written recapping when she was 4-5 months old).

For you who just like pictures: 

A special thank you to my helpers: Daddy and Sis!

Now for you word lovers, here are some updates
Stats: Don't know because we didn't go to the doc, but I'll be shocked if she hasn't spiked up her percentile for at least weight. This girl is chunking up-- adding in solids plus not much rolling is putting on those rolls... and we love it! 
Temperament/Personality: Content/chill and happy. I have never in my life seen a baby that smiles as much as Moriah. I pray that she would always know and bring this joy. She is the easiest baby to take places, just chill as can be. I joke that I don't know how to comfort her when she does have fussy days (which she has some) because she really is just so happy all the time. I credit this to the fact that she has a big sister in her face constantly that smiles and laughs at her. And then a mommy and daddy that watch this scene 1,000 times a day with giant smiles taking it all in. (Note: our life is not perfect or all smiles all the time. But this has been a sweet season full of joy for our family and we will take it!)

*Noises: She's been a pretty quite baby but she is starting to discover her voice. She has started making this whiney growl coo (best way to describe it). It's both cute and creepy. Fun to hear her experiment with her voice.
*Rolling: She will roll from tummy to back all day long. She is completely disinterested in the other way around. She will roll from side to side, just not all the way over. And some days she will go without any rolling (as if to say, listen people, I'll do it when I want.)
*Holding her own bottle (but we still hold you because we like to).
*Grabbing her feed (not eating them yet) and toys. 
Eating: She takes a bottle 4 times a day (morning bottle is 8oz and the others are 6oz). She will take it at any temp, but we usually make it warm. We started rice cereal but we stopped it after a day and switched to veggies. She is still getting used to swallowing but she's doing pretty good. She's even let Karis feed her a few times. 
Sleeping: 12 hours at night (usually 7:30p - 7:30am) with 2-3 naps a day (usually one 2 hr nap and then 2 1hr naps), really just depends on the busyness of our day. I never understood those pics people would post on social media of their kids asleep in weird places (other than crib or swing), but baby girl fell asleep while playing on the floor today. She sleeps great in her crib but will sleep pretty well in carseat or swing, just not for as long. You can also put yourself to sleep if we just lay you down (but we don't care what the experts say, we will rock you as often as we are able)!
Favorite Things: Karis-- Moriah loves no one and no thing more than her sissy (and the feeling is completely mutual). The nursery at Bayou City Fellowship (both the sweet ladies that love on her and all her friends in there)-- every week they tell me Moriah never stopped smiling. New wardrobe (well new to Moriah, we pulled out Karis' old 6 month clothes). Jumper/Bouncer. Mommy (which I completely adore Moriah being a Mama's girl!). Alone time with just Mommy or just Daddy (which is usually when we rock her before bed or naps). Swimming-- loves the pool float and doesn't even mind being splashed by Karis. 
Dislikes: Clogged tear ducts in both eyes (will have to have surgery after 6 months if still there). Drooling like a mad woman (well maybe it's just a dislike of mine). Blow outs (another dislike of mine, she thought it was funny).

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