Happy 6 Month Birthday Karis!

Six months. My baby girl turned 6 months old (on Thur, Feb 17th).
I don't even know how that is possible.

Like I say every month, this one was my favorite.
I know, I know. But it really was.
I will say that this month the realization that it's flying by hit me so hard. A whole half year has already passed. I have had my moments of missing our morning snuggles we shared so often when she was a newborn, so I have held her longer before naps and ignored the idea of putting a baby down awake. I figure I will never regret holding my baby girl just a little longer. And she is such a great sleeper, it doesn't seem to phase her. I am being so much more intentional this month to really treasure each moment with her. Be fully present.

For the "let's get to the facts" people,
here are her highlights and monthly pictures:

We don't have her stats because we are month behind on the doctor appointments. So we will have her stats for you next month (but I can guarentee she won't be 25th percentile any more for weight). But some of the high lights for this month are:

*Making noises: very high pitched squeals can be heard often around here! And sometimes she does this old man/smokers growl... it's half hilarious and half scary.
*Sitting up: she can sit all by herself. She is getting stronger at it each day. Now she can reach for toys to her side and past her feet by bending all the way down and then going back up to sitting. When she falls over she isn't bothered by it any more.
*Laughing: Started laughing for Dad and hasn't stopped. Now no one can make her laugh like him. Usually by blowing zurberts or nuzzling her tummy.
*Eating: started real baby food. She's made her way through veggies and fruit and starts the meats next week! So far she loves everything except peas (like her Daddy).
*She got a tooth (this hasn't been fun for either one of us)
*She is a total Daddy's girl. No one can light her up like him.

And now for some pictures from Mom:

And Karis wanted to share some of her favorite things to do with you:

Smiling-- oh it's so cute, almost all the time now. I love how she smiles with her eyes. Melts. My. Heart.

Sitting up is her most favorite thing. And all those toys surrounding her are her favorites (yes she has 10 favorite toys).

We go in the doorway jumper when I'm getting ready, cooking dinner, doing dishes, etc. Even more than she loves to jump in it she loves to spin herself in circles. 

Now that she can sit up, I can hardly get this girl to do tummy time or just play on her back-- which has significantly slowed down how often she rolls over. But now when I place her on her back she is rolling over to this position. Poor thing just can't figure out how to get that arm out. But I have a feeling my life will change with a mobile baby the day she finally does, so I'm in no rush for her to figure it out. :)

She now can stand up supported by us or hugging onto the back of the couch. How is this possible?! That diaper totally gives her a JLo booty!

Note: Sarah with Fish Lips Photography is doing Karis' 6 month shoot next week (we got weathered out this week), so as soon as I get those from her, I will share!

For the "I want lots and lots of details" people,
here are more details than you could possibly want to know:

Jan 18: When you are sleepy you give very clear signs. Usually it starts with the rims of your eyes getting pink... the sleepier you get the closer to red it becomes. Then you yawn occasionally. Then you will start to rub your eyes. I know it’s time to get you down once those things start to all happen. And I can confirm it by picking you up. If you are tired you will just rest your face against mine. If you are still ready to play you will look at me and smile real big and even squeal. At night time when Daddy was watching you, you seemed to be posing for the mirror. You would smile your full face smile, then go to a more subdued smile and hold it for at least 5 seconds. It was hilarious. A different time, he had you real close to his face and you were staring him down while smiling. Then he turned his head and you planted a big, slobbery kiss on his cheek! We also cuddled on the couch like you and Mom used to do when you were a newborn. Instead of laying there, you reached out for my face and were content just moving your fingers back and forth.
Jan 19: You were obsessed with two things today: screaming and your feet. You have loved impressing yourself and us with how loud and long you can scream. It’s a happy scream, so it’s funny... for now. And you love your feet and love grabbing them. Also, breaking news-- you finally laughed for your Dad!!
Jan 20: First small group on the west side with some of our favorite friends (and their kids will be some of your best friends too): Hearns, DuBrocs, Echols, Kuklis, Raethels, Blandfords, Boehnigs, Conallys, Fullers and the McCords.
Jan 21: YOU SAT UNSUPPORTED for the first time. Just for 30 seconds, but still all by yourself!!! The thing that makes you laugh the most are imitating the bodily noises you make (toots, hicups, burps and sneezes) and tickling you but going real slow towards you then attacking you! You have the cutest laugh we have ever heard!
Jan 22: Your Uncle Colton and Kuku came all the way from Lubbock to see you. You lit up for them and loved every minute you had with them. Then for dinner we met Uncle Nils, Aunt Katie, Emery, Mamaw, Papaw, GPaw and Gigi at 59 Diner for a big family dinner. You have so many people that love you!
Jan 23: Today your Mommy and Daddy had a very special time with you... we took part in the Parent Commitment service at our church. We are committing to raise you in a Christian home. Our biggest prayer is that we wouldn’t brainwash you, but that we would really set an example for you to love Jesus and live for Him. That is our biggest hope for you to you would live for Him genuinely.
Jan 24: We drove to San Antonio to see Aunt Katie, Uncle Nils and Emery with your Mimi and Pops. You were quite content the whole way up here and loved seeing all of them again.
Jan 25: We started you on real baby food today. Green beans to be specific. I have been in denial all day saying again and again, “I can’t believe my baby had real food today.”You weren’t a big fan of it and made some really funny faces (of course).
Jan 26: Some developmental facts: you love sitting up (typically propped up on the couch or by the Boppy), you grab at you feet constantly, you are rolling over many times a day, you're grabbing at things with both hands and bringing them to you, you can spot things from across the room and want them right away (I have to hide your bottle during baby food time).
Jan 27: You obviously missed your Daddy while we were in San Antonio, and he felt the same way. Since we’ve been home you haven’t taken your eyes (or smiles) off one another. Right now he is giving you a bath and I am listening to you babble to him and he is cracking up at you. Sweetest sound.
Jan 28: There are some things we aren’t sure if you mean to do or if it’s just a lot of coincidences (or maybe a little bit of both)... but one of those is waving and kissing. When you see us you lift up your left arm (which you tend to favor) and smile real big (we always do this too and say Hi!!). And when we put our faces real close you open your mouth wide and kiss us right on the cheek or lips.
Jan 29: You had squash for the first time today-- not so much a fan of squash. I don’t blame you. You were flailing your arms like crazy and kept pushing me and your dad away (yes we both tried to get it down you). We also tried to do a mini-Valentine’s Day shoot with Miss Sarah (Fish Lips Photography) but you were ready for a nap as soon as it started. Thankfully she is willing to re-shoot you later. She loves you so.
Jan 30: We went to the Zoo this afternoon because it was so beautiful. We love our times together just the three of us. You were so attentive and loved your Dad carrying you in the Baby Bjorn. You crashed on the way home in your car seat.
Jan 31: I call Mondays, Manicure Mondays. Because every Monday of your life I pull out the fingernail file and file your nails. I don’t know how a little bitty baby needs their nails filed every week, but you do! They grow so fast! Baby girl, I so look forward to the day we will paint our nails together. And I really look forward to the days we splurge and go to the spa to get our nails done together. On another note, while you were a bit fussy today (teething I think), you were ALL GIGGLES today for your Dad. He couldn’t get you to stop laughing with all his zurberts. You love it when Daddy gets home!
Feb 1: I put you in your bouncer when I take a shower so the steam can help clear your sinuses (with all the weather changes you've been super congested). Your two favorite things to do while in the bouncy are: 1. Play Peek-a-Boo. It makes you giggle every time. 2. Today you started grabbing the dangling toys and pulling yourself up! You are growing too fast little one. Today you sat up unsupported for 2 whole minutes!
Feb 2: Karis, this is your Dad. I’m so proud of you... you sat up for so long by yourself that I couldn’t hardly contain myself! I’m so impressed with you. You just sat there content as can be, looking all around like the big girl you’re becoming. After taking about 50 pictures so I wouldn’t forget the moment, I then gave you a bath and rocked you before putting you down to bed. You mean the world to me... looking at you, smiling at you, trying to make you laugh, talking to you in the mirror together, playing with you - I’m so thankful I get to be YOUR Dad for the rest of my life. You’re so special to me and I couldn’t imagine life without you beautiful girl. I love you unconditionally and without bounds.
Feb 3: You love mirrors. Love them. When we get you up from sleeping you say hi to yourself in your bedroom mirror and the hallway mirror. Your face lights up and your open your mouth really wide. You have even started patting at yourself in the hallway mirror. So glad you have a healthy self-esteem.
Feb 4: I love how you touch our faces. Now that you can sit up you are reaching at things in a whole new way. It is so sweet how you are really exploring us now. I still can’t get over how different you look sitting up. Such a big girl! Today was supposed to be your first snow day, but it was a bust. But we still got some cute pics in your winter snow hat!
Feb 5: We spent the day entire day with your Gigi and GPaw. You gave them lots of smiles and showed off your ability to sit up. Then you surprised us all-- you sat perfectly happy in a high chair when we went out to lunch. We even had a sweet woman and her husband stop and talk to tell us how beautiful and happy you were. I am one proud Mama that’s for sure!
Feb 6: Superbowl Sunday was spent with some of our very best friends-- the Craigs, the Turners, and the Folloders. You and Elizabeth both laid in the hammock for a while-- it was your first time and her first time to like it. Then you and Annie Turner played and showed off how you can both sit up. At one point we sat y’all next to one another and she put her arm around you. It was just too cute!
Feb 7: You have got one nasty diaper rash. Poor little girl! You don’t seem bothered by it at all, but I sure am for you. I let you air it out all morning. You peed on the blanket 3 times. But Mama was happy to get lots of naked bottom shots.
Feb 8: Yesterday your Daddy didn’t get to see you at all due to work and a guy’s night. But tonight Mommy went to Bible Study so it was just you two at home.But last night once he got home, we turned on the hallway light and went in and just stared at you sleeping for a while. Our hearts could’ve burst.
Feb 9: You have a TOOTH! You have been a bit fussy the past few days and the drool has gotten so bad you got a rash on your chin, so I was wondering if something was up. Today when you were perfectly full and not quite ready for a nap, I thought to check to see if a tooth was starting to pop out-- and it already had! I could feel it scrape on my finger. So I immediately pulled your lip down and saw it-- little bitty white cap on your bottom gum line. How are you old enough to have a tooth? We were at play group and everyone celebrated with us, then we called Dad immediately!
Feb 10: One of my most favorite things about being your mom is getting to observe others love on you. They win my heart immediately. You will never know the amount of comments (or texts or emails) I get when I post something about you or a pic of you on my blog, Facebook or Twitter. And my heart could burst when I get to see others love on you in person. You are so blessed little girl to have so many that love you.
Feb 11: You have been playing with your feet for a long time, but today you started putting them in your mouth. Speaking of eating... the way you eat has cracked me up since day one. And it hasn’t changed one bit since day one. When you are hungry, you are hungry... NOW! Patience isn’t exactly your strong suit when it comes to food. When you even see a bottle or your baby food you open your mouth and start panting. If we don’t give it you immediately (while we put you in your seat or put a bib on), you start crying. You consume the food SO quickly. When you are done, you are done. Also, since day one you have always been easily distracted by noises or people when feeding. You like to be fully intense and focused, no distractions.
Feb 12: Daddy can make you laugh more than anyone else can. Lately he nuzzles his head on your tummy and gives you zurberts and you just laugh and laugh. You are LOVING to blow raspberries a whole bunch. We will do it back and forth for a long time. My face will be drenched in your spit, but I don’t care. You bring so much joy into our lives.
Feb 13: When we stand you up, you do it with us supporting you under your armpits. I couldn’t believe it! You are getting so strong and developing more and more each day. Also, you have a new favorite toy-- the ball Ms. Kat made you. You even roll it (by batting it) back and forth with Dad.
Feb 14: Valentine’s Day! Today might have been my favorite day with you so far... you have just been full of personality today. You have talked (or high pitched sung) all day long. You have been all smiles when you have your eye on me or Dad. When I was feeding you your afternoon bottle, I pulled it out, and you grabbed each side of the bottle and pulled it up and into your mouth and fed yourself the next 3ozs. You giggled a ton and sprayed us with your new favorite trick of never ending raspberries. Our hearts burst with love for you today.
Feb 15: I never want to forget our rocking time before your nap today-- I placed you in my lap facing out and placed our Bible Story book in your lap. As usual you sucked on the pages while I read the story. Today was on Solomon’s request for wisdom not riches. I prayed over you that your desire in life would be for the things that mattered for God’s glory, not materialistic things (not that things are bad to have but that you would desire God greater). Then I laid you on your side and snuggled you up on my chest and we sang. Literally WE sang. While I sang you did your high pitched squeal. You weren’t the least bit tired any more. You kept touching my face-- my eyes, my noise, my cheeks, my lips, my teeth. And you just would lock eyes with me and smile. I could’ve melted right there. It was the perfect moment.
Feb 16: You are starting to reach out to us. When I go to pick you up I reach down for you and say “arms up” (like they do on Your Baby Can Read DVD), and you open your arms straight out to the side. We had so much fun tonight-- we all went and played on our bed for about 30 minutes. Daddy and I laid on each side of you and you kept rolling back and forth between us and touching our faces and singing and kicking. Such a fun pre-6month birthday celebration!

Feb 17: SIX MONTHS! I can’t believe you are already six months old. As I was feeding you this morning I couldn’t stop taking you in-- you’ve changed so much! You hair is getting longer and I could probably put one of those tiny clips in it now (but I like the giant bows too much). Your eyes are bright blue and sparkle when you are truly happy... and they are perfectly accented with long eyelashes. You definitely have my nose (your Daddy is thrilled). Your lips are so sweet and pursed when they are closed, but then spread to this big mouth when you open them. And when you open real wide you can see that little white cap of a tooth on the bottom. And I can’t forget those giant cheeks-- I kiss them at least 100 times a day. Your arms move with intention now-- grabbing and pulling things to you. We can’t decided whose hands you have but they are so perfectly dainty. You have this narrow torso, but a belly is starting to pooch out a little (thanks to the baby food). And these long skinny little legs that kick and stand up. And your Daddy’s most favorite part-- those petite sweet feet. Baby girl we love you head to toe!

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