Happy 7 Month Birthday Karis!

Long gone is my sweet little newborn baby. This month has been all about gaining independence.

The only time she gives any sort of cuddles is when we are rocking her before bed. Then she will cuddle up on my chest and put her thumb in her mouth and just stare at me till she falls asleep. The rest of the day is spent her wanting to explore the world around her. She is a busy bee wanting to touch and put everything in her mouth. I don't think there is a thing that has been within arms reach that she hasn't put in her mouth. If she is sitting in our laps she is not leaning back against us, she is leaning forward grabbing something or standing in our laps (supported) pulling hair or something else.

She is starting to show more of her personality each day. Her personality still remains hot or cold. She is happy and content 90% of the time, but that other 10% she gets upset and FAST. She doesn't give you much warning before she loses it. She loves adults and gives a big open mouth smile and leans in to people she loves seeing. She has become a bit apprehensive if someone grabs her that she doesn't know (but that is too be expected). However she is showing a shy bone when she is around babies her age. She sits very quietly and takes it all in. It is very funny.

I have never enjoyed her more. We are in such a fun stage now with all this interaction!

For the "let's get to the facts" people,
here are her highlights and monthly pictures:

We went to the pediatrician last week and got her stats:
Weight: 15lbs 2ozs (19th percentile)
Height: 26 1/4 ins (52nd percentile)
Head: 17 1/4 ins (76th percentile)

So she has averaged out for height (has always been in the 75 percentile, but it could be that she is on the verge of a growth spurt). She is a skinny mini still which shocks me every time. She has the worlds biggest cheeks, so she just doesn't seem as skinny as she is. And, poor thing, her head is still ginormous. She will love it when she gets hair-- that girl has a built in Bump It!

Development: Sitting up really well. She has started reaching for things and falling over while sitting up (intentionally), so that is a step towards crawling (which we are in NO RUSH for). She still despises tummy time. I was actually worried about this because she won't roll over any more (well hardly ever) because she just cries the whole time. Our Pediatrician said that is normal since she has started sitting and not alarming at all and I can stop Tummy Time if I want (so we will just do it once a day). She started holding her own bottle. I still hold her because... well I like it. She laughs a lot. Babbles (ahhhhs and such) pretty often. And she started clapping (on purpose) yesterday!

Favorite Things: Her Daddy. Mommy is a close second, but definitely second. Her play puppy. Actually any real animal. Being outside. Food of any kind. People that are around us in public (she likes to try to get them to smile at her). Mirrors (very healthy self esteem). Bath time (especially now that she gets to sit in the water and splash and play with toys). Going to sports games (so far, baseball and hockey). Dancing with Mom and Dad (silly dance, slow dance, and tango). And Matt DuBroc, he is without a doubt her first crush and it is adorable to watch her flirt with him (more details next to the March 3rd entry).

Dislikes: Constipation (it's been a tough month... literally). When I don't get the spoon of food in her mouth quick enough. Getting buckled into the car seat. Running too many errands back-to-back. Tummy time. Falling onto her tummy from sitting up. Acid Reflux (still a little bit here and there). Wiping her face. Sucking her nose snot out.

And, here's some pictures I took:

I promise we will have her professional pictures done soon. Every time Sarah/Fish Lips Photography and I have scheduled to do the shoot, it has rained us out. But I will post them as soon as we get them.

For the "I want lots and lots of details" people,
here are more details than you could possibly want to know:

Feb 18: Since you started sitting up, you have totally stopped rolling over. When on your back you will roll almost over to reach for something, but not all the way. And tummy time is a total bust-- you HATE it now. I finally decided to stop worrying about it and trusted that you’ve done it many times before and will do it again. Of course, today I walk out of the room for 2 seconds and come back to you having rolled over onto your tummy. I’m learning you don’t like to be pushed or forced to do things, you will do them at your own pace, when YOU are ready. This is a lesson I will have to learn many times I’m sure. Please be patient with me baby.
Feb 19: We found a new tickle spot-- your inner thighs. Oh that made you laugh so hard before bath time! Another thing that makes you laugh really hard is when I hold you and jump up and down-- you have always loved dramatic bouncing. Also, your second tooth is starting to pop out now on the bottom!
Feb 20: Lunch today was really sweet. We headed to Red Robin with your best friend, Annie Turner, for some lunch. You sat in the high chair and ate Turkey for the first time. It smelt horrible and you weren’t to fond of the taste (only took 1/2 a container). But half way through lunch you fell asleep on my shoulder-- it was too sweet! I hated to put you down once our food came.
Feb 21: A random fact: You have a spot on your forehead that gets really red when you are mad (i.e. crying). This will make it very easy for me to decipher real cry verses whines when you reach your toddler years. And when you reach Middle School and are so embarrassed by it, I will remind you that when you were younger there was a very famous actress named Julia Roberts whose forehead does the same thing.
Feb 22: You gave the best laugh today-- at least for 5 minutes long. We were at the Craig’s house and you couldn’t get enough of Phoebe (a little yorkie). She had no interest in you, but you sure loved her! We got a bit of it on video and posted in on YouTube.com (you’ve already had over 90 people check it out in just 24 hours).
Feb 23: Poor thing-- this might not be something you want to remember, but you have been really constipated for the first time. It had been 2 days since you pooped, so I loaded you with prunes and it worked! But oh was it not fun for you. You went 3 times today and cried the whole time you were going-- I’ve never heard such a sweet little cry from you. I am certain you lost 5lbs today. Good grief!
Feb 24: You did so good at childcare today. You slept for an entire hour (you have hated taking naps there in the past). They said you were just so happy the entire time. And since you didn’t get a long enough nap, you tuckered out at lunch with Mommy, Ms. Jen and Ms. Kelley. Then took a 4 hour nap this afternoon! One tired girl.
Feb 25: What a day-- you played with your shadow this morning, and this afternoon we played in the front yard for almost an hour with the leaves in the grass. Then we went with Mr. Justin and Ms. Kelley to see Caleb Ramsey play baseball. Your first ever baseball game. You were a total delight and such a sport! You danced to the music. You got passed around and loved on by the whole Ramsey gang. And you even put your hand (with Mom’s help) over your heart during the National Anthem. Such a great night out!
Feb 26: We went to Emilee Blandford’s birthday party today. I took my favorite picture of you so far-- it is the picture of friendship. You are crying and showing your dramatic pout looking at Jemma Folloder and she is just looking at you so patiently. This won’t be the last time you are crying to a girlfriend and she just patiently listens to you. I so pray, baby girl, that you make it a priority in life to find good, genuine girlfriends. It is one my most treasured things in all of life.
Feb 27: Today was a fun day-- In the morning you went to Sunday School and saw your favorite Ms Stacy AND you got to play and go on a buggie ride with Kyle Skaggs and CJ Webster! Then this afternoon we went to the Skaggs house. You love each of them so and they love. Ella wanted to hold you non-stop and even gave you your first flower. Kyle wasn’t that into you this time (but he did promise to take you to the prom, or that’s what his mom interpreted). Ms. Em got to hold you tons and give you lots of lovin’. Mr. Joel lights you up almost as much as your Daddy. And Seth pretended to read a book to you.
Feb 28: Today you got a package in the mail from Grammy and Grampy-- it was your very own Special plate that we will use on birthdays! I put you in the box and let you play with the bubble wrap for at least 20 minutes. You had some funny expressions when I’d pop it. Also, we went to the library today and checked out 5 books. We are going to make that a weekly tradition for us!
Mar 1: You woke up randomly at 3am crying for a long time. After asking you Dad I realized it was because you never took your last bottle of the day. So we got to have a flashback middle of the feeding. Also we went to the grocery store again today, this time you did not like sitting in the cart like a big girl. Some days are just fussy days. Everyone has an off day.
Mar 2: You have started hitting your chest-- like Tarzan does. It is hilarious. Mommy got really sick today, so Daddy came home from work to let me rest and you got to spend the whole day with him! You both loved getting to see each other all day!
Mar 3: You have your first crush: Mr. Matt DuBroc. Nope, not Everett, but Mr. Matt. When we go to small group each week it is so fun to watch you spot him for the first time-- you just stare at him and smile. You get this really innocent and flirtatious look on your face. He just lights you up. You will be playing with your toys on the floor not paying attention to discussion at all, but if Mr. Matt starts talking you put your toy down and just stare at him while he talks.
Mar 4: You fed yourself your entire bottle laying on the couch like a big girl! You are so fun to watch around people now. You seem to love people and get really happy when you see them. Especially adults. You will smile really big, jump a little in our arms, wave your arms around and squeal sometimes. But with kids and babies, you are much more reserved, you will get really still and just watch them. It cracks me up! So I can’t tell if you are an introvert or extravert... just depends on the crowd I guess.
Mar 5: We saw a YouTube video of a baby laughing hysterically at ripping paper. We thought it was so funny and decided to see if it worked on you. The answer is absolutely YES! Your Daddy and I will do just about anything to make you laugh baby girl. Oh it is the best noise on this earth.
Mar 6: We had a fun family day-- church in the morning, home for naps, trip the zoo and then a baseball game. Ms. Kelley and Mr. Justin’s brother, Caleb, was playing again but this time at Minute Maid park. So we made a spontaneous decision to go on the way home from the zoo. You loved it. The roof was open and we bundled you up in a blanket. You started to cry at the very end just as Caleb got out (or it might have had to do with it being way past your bed time).
Mar 7: Today was very fussy day. I don’t know if it is teething, constipation, a cold, reflux or what, but you aren’t a happy little girl. You woke up with a low fever of 101.3 and kept that for most of the day. You slept a lot but when you were awake, you were not a happy camper. Your little cry (when it isn’t driving me crazy) is just the cutest thing-- so dramatic and you do motorboats when you cry, which is hilarious.
Mar 8: You are getting a little better at tummy time again but are still refusing to roll over. Not sure what that is all about. I know you can do it because you did it often kind of early. But now, you refuse. I’m hoping this isn’t a sign that you have your mama’s stubborn ways.
Mar 9: Mommy was really sick today and wasn’t able to be as hands on as usual. You did great with it all. You played for long stretches on your blanket with your toys. You jumped in the exersaucer for a long time. You watched a lot of DVDs. And you even pooped all over yourself (that wasn’t so much fun)!
Mar 10: We went to Dr. Torn to have your 6 month appointment. You are right on track (or just ahead) on everything developmentally. Your stats are: height- 26 1/4 inches (52%), weight - 15lbs 2oz ( 19%), and head -17 1/4 (76%). You also got 4 shots. Last time you didn’t notice them. This time you REALLY noticed them. But that night you got special treat-- Your Gigi and GPaw babysat you for the first time!
Mar 11: There are no words to describe the look you have for your Daddy. No one can light you up like him. Just glancing at him makes you glow. Your eyes get this sparkle every time you smile. But they have a special glean to them for your Daddy. You are completely smitten with him... and he with you.
Mar 12: You love sitting up and have gotten so good at reaching over for toys and then sitting back up. For the past week I’ve been pushing the toys farther and farther away to make you reach for them (and try to get you to go on your tummy from sitting). Of course, when Mommy goes out of town you did it with out any prompting for your Daddy. You went from sitting to your tummy. And even decided to start rolling again. I think I’m learning you like to do things in your own time and own way.
Mar 13: You love to dance. Mommy dances with you all day long. Our favorite thing to do is tango! You will press your face hard against my cheek and smile your biggest smile. You love it when I spin you in circles and dip you too. Daddy dances with you too and you look like the most proud little girl ever.
Mar 14: You went to your first hockey game today to watch the Houston Aeros play. We stayed there till 9:30pm and you didn’t even get fussy till just before the game ended (overtime at that). You love being around lots of people and watching them and trying to get them to smile at you. And everyone tells us all the time how beautiful your smile and eyes are. But more than outside beauty, we care that you are sweet to people, and so far you are so good at that! You want everyone to be your friend.                     
Mar 15: You started clapping today! We have been clapping around you for a long time and been taking your hands and showing you how to clap. And today at your very first hockey game (Houston Aeros), your Daddy noticed that you kept doing it.
Mar 16: Your Kuku and Uncle Colton came in for spring break to see you. They are love being around you and can hardly put you down. You love them so much and smile non-stop with them. They both are both pretty silly and make you smile a whole bunch. They talk to you in funny accents. And Uncle Colton likes to carry you around and cuddle you a bunch.                            
Mar 17: SEVEN MONTHS & St Patricks Day: You spent the morning with your favorite Irish, your Aunt Erin. We got to go with her to try on her wedding dress. She was the first bride you have ever seen and couldn't have been more beautiful! And she has asked you to be her flower girl! So come May we are all getting on a cruise and headed to Mexico where Luke and Landon Kohler will bring you down the aisle (in a very creative way). You spent the rest of the day pooping on us... twice. 

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