Happy 7 Months Moriah!

There's been nothing normal about this month: 2 visits from family (plus a week with Karis at Cousins Week in San Antonio), a week long stomach virus (landing her in the hospital), breaking 2 teeth and a 16 hour road trip to Missouri. We've all been living in survival mode this month. Through it all Moriah has been such a trooper!

I must say, I really love it once my babies pass that 6 month mark and their little (or BIG) personalities starts to come out.

Since the womb my two girls were different. Karis wouldn't move often but when she did they were strong and forceful kicks. And as far as pregnancy & labor goes everything about her was intense, lots of drama at each opportune moment. And when I was pregnant with Moriah I would often say how different she was-- she moved constantly but never intense (not once did she kick me like her sister did), she seemed very playful. And as far as pregnancy & labor went, well she was my all or nothing, comes through at the last minute girl.

And so far, her personality has been that way. Mostly sweet and playful and as happy as can be. But when she does something, this girl just goes for it. When she finally decides to roll, she rolls across the room. When she decides to sit, she does it for minutes at a time. When she decides to get teeth, two come in at the same time. When she decides to get the stomach bug, she ends up in the hospital. When she is getting her diaper changed she pulls at everything within arms reach (things Karis never touched the past 3 years, really 2 that we used the changing pad).

Yes, Moriah is her own person. And I love her. She brings so much joy and love to our life.

It was a bit of a rough month for this one, but it was a fun month of leaving those newborn days behind and welcoming in baby girl days.

For you who just like pictures: 
Look who is sitting all the time... well until she falls over 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 5 minutes or 10 minutes later. She keeps us on our toes this busy bee of ours. 

Introducing the miniature version of my husband. I thought Karis was his mini-me. That was until I met Moriah. 

Those lashes, rosy lips, and chunky arms. 

But really our month has been all about these two new additions:

A drooly, fussy and definitely teething mess. 

And, as always, a special thank you to my photography assistant. This time she leapt in the the chair and said, "Me too Mom! Take a picture of me!"

Now for you word lovers, here are some updates:
Stats: Uncertain. With the stomach bug she lost 1 1/2 lbs in just a few days. But now that it's passed she is def putting on weight and back to her chunky self again.

*Still sweet as can be and so crazy smiley. But this month has been a bit fussy (see teething note below). But what's hilarious is she has a hard time not smiling even when she's fussying. She will cry, catch a glimpse of something smiling at her, get distracted smile, and then go back to crying. It's hilarious.
*She is also showing signs of being adventurous and curious. She pulls at everything. Things we've never had to tell Karis to not touch, we are already having to tell Moriah and she's not really even mobile.
*Determined/All-or-nothing. In all her developmental stages she is all or nothing. It's hilarious. Well not all the time, but I'm embracing and learning that all things will come when she is ready. I'll keep encouraging her to try things, but when this girl decides to do something, she's got it!

*Teething: For several weeks I did that Mommy thing where I just assumed teething but you really never know. Moriah is NEVER fussy, so I was pretty sure it was teething. That plus the insane amount of drool that was literally pouring out of her mouth. And finally it popped out. And then one popped out right next to the first just days later.
*Jumping high in the bouncer and turning herself when she's in it. Able to grab & spin all the toys attached to it now too.
*Sitting: We have to put you into sitting position, but you will do it for as long as 5 minutes. But some times you still fall over after a few seconds, so we keep a pillow behind you just in case.
*Rolling & Moving: All over the place. Can spin on her tummy 360 degrees and then roll to get any where she wants. But not attempts to get on all fours or army crawl.

*All stage one baby foods, about 1-2 jars a day. I need to be more consistent with this. It was so easy with the first because you are so bored and want to do a new activity. But with Moriah I keep forgetting to sit down and feed her solids. But she takes fruits, veggies and meats. No preference that we can tell.
*Funny thing she does when she eat solids-- between every bite she sucks her thumb. She only sucks her thumb when she's falling asleep, but for some reason when she eats, she also sucks her thumb, which makes for the biggest mess!
*Formula: 4 bottles a day. First bottle is 8oz and the rest 6oz. We've pretty much stopped burping because she does it on her own. But with the stomach bug we've started back up with burping some. 
Sleeping: As I said at the beginning, nothing has been normal about this month. So I don't even know how to answer this development questions. Mostly she's stayed on her schedule: 12 hours at night (down at 7:30pm-ish and up at 7:30pm-ish with 2 or 3 naps lasting 1 1/2 - 2 hours each. We usually rock her, but she can be laid down too. But she's been way off the schedule with stomach bug, and then road trip to Missouri coupled with breaking two teeth. 
Favorite Things: Week alone with Mommy & Daddy (while Karis was at Cousins Week in San Antonio). Karis coming home from Cousins Week. Peek-a-boo. Tylenol (I'm not afraid to use it). Going to the beach for first time. Zophran and IV fluids (wiped that stomach bug away). Grammy coming in for a visit. Sucking your thumb. Rocking to sleep. Uncle Karl & Uncle Co-Co coming for a visit. Smiling at people. Singing. 
Dislikes: Stomach bug (so bad that it lander her in the hospital after 5 days of no fluids staying down or coming out). Teething (2 teeth in one week). Long road trips (although she did great). Other people putting her to bed (she is really fussy for others we've discovered).

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And here is Moriah, who just happened to do the same pose while taking pics this time. I immediately flashed back to the above moment with Karis. Wanting them to explore the grass down below but also not wanting them to plunge off. 
You can see their personalities even in the way they reach. Karis, bracing herself, slightly restrained but intent to get whats she wants (the one flower). Moriah, my all or nothing adventurer going for it with hand wide open trying to grasp all the grass.