Happy Birthday Carolyn O'Neal!

Tomorrow, August 14th, is Carolyn O'Neal's birthday. Many know her as the women's minister at Houston's First, or Les O'Neal's wife, or, one of her most favorite to brag about titles, Hailey's Mimi.

But, for me, and I'm sure countless other women, she is so much more than my women's minister. She is my mentor, my friend, my confidant, my adviser, my cheerleader, my rod of correction (yes, even adults need these), my other perspective, my shoulder, my voice of reason... I could go on and on.

I often joke that if you were to go into Carolyn's office and sit on her couch you might fall into the giant dent that I've worn into that sofa. I have laughed till I've cried and cried till I've laughed on that couch. I have heard the voice of God through that, "Have you ever thought about this?" way of teaching Carolyn naturally speaks. I always know I'm about to hear something straight from the Lord when she pauses. I both dread and desire the pause never knowing how it might change my life.

As I introduced her to my mom a couple of months ago, we (my mom and I) both had tears in our eyes because for me it was my birth mom and my spiritual mom meeting for the first time. My mom hugged her close and whispered something in Carolyn's ear, something of a thank you for changing my daughters life with your life I'm sure.

So Happy Birthday Carolyn. I love you more than these words could say. Thank you for letting me be a part of so much of your life. I am taking notes every step of the way because you are one of the greatest teachers of my life.

And for you curious minds, Carolyn was the one that inspired the "Words that bring tears" post.