Happy Birthday Chris!!!

I gave this to Chris on his birthday (Monday, March 23rd), he said he wanted in to go on the blog... so here you go friends:


I haven’t known you 25 years, but 2.5 years has given me more than enough time to love a lot about you. Here 25 of my favorite things I am thankful for in you:

1. You pursue Christ even harder than you pursue me. This has always been true. From day one you said I was your number 2 and Christ was the one.

2. You wake up early every morning and pray, journal and study the Word. You have challenged me to make my time with the Lord an even greater priority and necessity.

3. You watch America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway with me. You are even able to understand what Tyra means when she says “this is fierce” (and does that thing with her eyes).

4. You have taken the trash out every time.

5. You have been have allowed God to stretch our faith… and our plans.

6. You are the world’s best friend—to me and others. You listen better than anyone I know.

7. You can do anything you set your mind to. Anything. It amazes me what you are able to accomplish.

8. You do such a good job managing our finances. I have never seen a system like yours (now ours). I am so thankful for your discipline and commitment to “live like no one else.”

9. I love it when you dance. I love the laugh that you have when you dance (because we both know you and I can only dance in the privacy of our own home).

10. I love your passion for the St. Louis Cardinals. You are unlike most sports fans. You love those Cardinals when they are winning World Series, but you love them just as much when they aren’t.

11. I love how hard you work at your job. I love your attitude about it. You work hard, but family always comes first. When you are at work, you work… hard. You live out Col 3:23- “Work as if for the Lord and not for man.” I pray daily that your hard work would stand out to your co-works as a testament of your love for Jesus.

12. I love how you love music. I love to hear you sing worship songs when you don’t think I can hear you. You love Jesus and love to sing songs to him.

13. Your organizational skills amaze me. From your label maker to your color coated closet to your file folders to the way everything has a place, a right place.

14. You hold fast to the fact that Kisers aren’t like everyone else. We don’t do things because other people do them.

15. I love how much you believe in me. You will do anything to see me fulfill exactly what God has called me to do: love him, love you, love our family and love women. Thank you for all the sacrifices you make for me (and our future family).

16. I love it when you put your hand on my cheek. It still melts my heart.

17. I love how you are a man I can point my single girlfriends (young and our age) to look towards you as a standard. I love how the way you’ve loved me has raised the standard for them.

18. I love your eyes. I still get lost in them when you look at me.

19. I love when you order me ice tea. I know you think it is a total waste of money, but you know I love it. The $1.95 you spend on that single order means so much to me.

20. I love serving with you in the college ministry. It has been so fun studying Romans together and even helping you prepare when you taught in Sunday Bible Study. I love how you want to ministry to college students because you want them to learn to love Jesus like you did in college.

21. I that you aren’t afraid to admit when you are wrong. You are so quick to ask for forgiveness when you’ve done something wrong. And so quick to love me when I do the same.

22. I love how close you are to your family… and mine. I always hoped I’d marry someone that had a close family. And I always hoped someone could love my crazy “all American” family too.

23. I love your passion, not for politics, but for America to be as it should, as it was created to be. I love how you really know what you believe about politics. You don’t just chose a party. You have studied the facts more than anyone I know. I hope that America is lucky enough to have you as a part of the political system some day, somehow.

24. I love how you have saved every card you have ever received. I feel certain that this one will be placed in the box along with every other birthday card you’ve received since your 5th birthday. You treasure words and I love that.

25. I love your thirst for knowledge. You have a 25 books at time you are trying to read and constantly learning more. You hate wasting time with TV or other time wasters. You want to use every minute to live life and learn about life.

And one to grow on…

26. I love seeing you with kids (the Skaggs, the Kohlers, the Tricketts and other families we love so much). I love how you give them your full attention. I love how you discipline with love. It melts my heart to see you loving on them. You are going to be the best daddy one day.

My prayer for you is that you would love God more this year. That He would open up doors for you with your family, with your co-workers and in the college community to point others closer to Him. I beg that you would know and love Jesus deeper than you ever have before. I beg that I would be a blessing and encouragement to you always. I pray that the Spirit would allow you to see the fruit of your labor and also give you encouragement along the way.

I love you so much Chris. I am so thankful to be your wife.

Happy Birthday!