Happy First Father's Day to Chris!

Karis, today is your Daddy's very first Father's Day. I promise I will do my best to make him feel so special!

Baby girl, the thing I am looking forward to most is the moment they place (or probably I place) you in your Daddy's arms.

One of the first things I liked about your Dad (before we were even together) was his love for kids. As we started dating and babysitting together my thoughts were confirmed-- this man is going to be a fabulous Dad! That was always a non-negotiable for me. I never have cared what someone's past was, only that they weren't handicap by it. But their desire to be a dad was a must-- family must come first.

And Karis with your Dad family does come first. Well Jesus will always be his number one. But we all are right next in line. As diligent and excellent of a worker as he is, he will and would drop anything for us. Case and point, this week when we headed to the hospital and didn't think twice about grabbing his work bag with laptop and cell. It stayed at home. I even noticed on the way out and reminded him to grab it and he said this wasn't the time for that.

Karis I start to cry every time I think about how much your Daddy loves you. I can't wait to see you look into his eyes and get it for the first time. I know you will just adore him.

*His alarm just went off so I went it to sing him the "Happy Father's Day" song and give him our card. He said it was perfect. You gave him lots of nice strong kicks already. Way to go! I told him that we have a very special day planned for him... so get ready!

Karis you are one very special little girl to get to have Chris Kiser as your Daddy.

He will be a man that will raise you well. You may not always like it-- I have a feeling you have a little bit of my "zest for life" (as my mom kindly calls it) in you, that will be balanced out with our discipline. He will always embrace who you are and not try to conform you into something else. He will always be steady as a rock. I saw that exemplified in him this past week to the max when we went to the hospital. When I was losing it, he was calm and collected and getting us out the door and to the hospital. That's just your Dad, he isn't phased by anything. Including what others think. I hope you take on that same trait-- finding your full security not in others or yourself, but in Christ alone. It's one of your Dad's best characteristics! You will always find that your Dad rises before you. He's up most days before the sun because He loves God's word so much and wants to grow. I hope that there are mornings I wake up and find you sitting right next to him. He is the best person to go to for advice. I know I will always get good, strong, godly advice. He will always point out to you what you could do better in the situation and will never promote gossip. He isn't critical and he listens better than anyone I know. Watch how he is a friend to others. He is the best kind of friend, he wants to get to know others for who they really are not just talk surface talk. Take note of what a good steward he is with his time and with our finances. He has balanced me out so well in both of those areas and I hope you can learn these lessons from him while you are younger, you will be so thankful you did. And on top of all that your dad is an absolute genius. There is really nothing he can't do. It amazes me on a daily basis.

Oh baby girl, we are so thankfully you are baking a little longer and didn't come this past week, but we are so excited for the day that you do.