Happy Halloween!

It's no secret that Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays. What's not to love: dressing up in costume (which adults never get to do), candy, lots of kids everywhere, tons of laughter, people actually talk to one another... and, occasionally, coolish weather!!!

So to ring in Halloween I wanted to show you my top two favorite videos related to Halloween. Both of these make me laugh at loud each time.
First, a video of Karis' first Halloween. My mom was the first one we called last year since Halloween is her fav holiday. You know those moms and grandmas that wear Christmas sweaters and their houses look like Santa's wonderland. Well my mom is kind of like those moms, but Halloween was her thing growing up. So she introduced Karis to her cackle and witch voice last year:

And the video I watch any day I just need a good laugh. Like if you even sort of need to go to the bathroom right now, go. Then press play.

And it wouldn't be a Halloween post without linking you to one of the top blog posts I've written: "My First Halloween as a Hooker."

What's your favorite Halloween memory?