Happy ONE MONTH Birthday Karis!

Hard to believe a whole month has passed. And at the same time I can't believe it's only been a month! Chris and I say all the time that we can't even imagine life without our baby girl. It seems like we've always been a family of three.

Here she is on her ONE MONTH Birthday:

She is still very long and skinny... except that double chin.

And here is a close up:

Oh I just love how alert she has become now. Gone are the days when all she did was wake, eat, sleep and repeat. We have an active baby on our hands.

And her lips are just as delicious as they've were at birth. Yes, I am considering kissing her on the lips now. I just can't stand it. You all were right.

Here are few of the things you've accomplished this past month, baby girl:
(This is an idea I recommend for all moms: My friend Allison's mom shared that every day of her kids first year, she wrote at least one thing about their day. Chris and I have started a spreadsheet where we are tracking her days. So glad we did this, because I had already forgotten some of these things).

When you nurse, you nurse! You suck with such intensity and when you are done you flail your head back and push away with both arms. If I try to offer seconds you give me the most frustrated face you can muster. All in all you are nursing great. Nursing are some of my favorite times because I just get to stare at you and we have good talk time.

You started sucking your thumb. We heard this was bad, but we don't care. You look absolutely adorable when you do it. Plus, your momma sucked her thumb till she was 6 and never even had to get braces. So you'll be just fine. If we mess your teeth up, we promise to pay for braces. Deal? Ok deal. You will take a paci when you really need to calm down. But once you are calm you aren't interested in it at all.

Church seems to disinterest you. We hope that this changes. You sleep right through it. I won't tell Pastor Gregg. ;)

You love our daily Bible truth time. We've been reading through The Jesus Storybook Bible and the truths are incredible. We usually read the story just us in the morning and then pray through whatever truth we've learned. Then that night we read it again with Dad and he prays over you too. Mommy has been learning a lot too-- going back to the basics is refreshing.

You love being outside. We try to take family walks when Dad gets home each day. You are usually out by the time we walk back up the drive way. The other day we even introduced you to the Arboretum (one of our favorite places). Your Papaw Kiser took you for your first ride in your Bob Stroller at the Japanese Gardens too.

You love bath time! We could just leave you in there all day and you would be just fine with that. Oh how your Daddy loves how you smell when you get done with bath time.

You sleep like a champ! I've never heard of a breastfed baby that sleeps 6-7 hours stretches at night starting around 2 weeks. You spoil your momma and she is thankful for it. Granted, now you have to feed every 2 hours during the day to make up for it (so you keep your Momma busy during the day). You still sleep in the bassinet in Mommy and Daddy's room at night, but that's about to change tonight. For naps you usually are in your crib. But a nap or two a day is usually spent laying on Mommy's chest. Oh how I love cuddling with you! You love all the Happiest Baby on the Block soothing techniques-- especially being swaddling and shhh-ing.

You've started smiling at us! Not the I have gas or am dreaming something strange smile. You've smiled at me a few times and I know you meant it. And you smiled at your Dad for the first time yesterday and it was clear you meant it just for him. It makes our day every time.

You are one strong little girl! You are grabbing at things with your hands for dear life. You like to grab a hold of my hair and pull it with all your might. I had no clue such a little girl could be so strong. And during Tummy Time you can push yourself up the mat with your legs. You have had great head control since birth, but now you can lift your head up during Tummy Time and turn it left and right.

Projectile Liquids could be your nickname, because it is certainly your trademark. You started out with projectile poops. We have to be VERY careful when changing your diaper-- you could have another round waiting to explode. And you save about one feeding a day to spit up everywhere. We both go through at least two changes of clothes a day.

During the day your favorite times are usually those spent in mom's arms or lap. However, you love your swing. It provides mom a nice break from time to time. You can only handle your play mat or bouncer for about 15 minutes. It gets old fast. You love being read to and talked to. And you also love it when we play music of any kid.

Oh and how can we forget, you have discovered your tongue! You love sticking it out all the time at anything. It's so funny.