Happy ONE Month Birthday Moriah!

I swore I wouldn't do that thing moms do, but I'm already doing it. Yep, for years I gave my mom a hard time that Nils' (my big bro) baby book had to have extra pages added to it and mine barely has 3 pages filled out. I haven't taken one picture of Moriah on our fancy camera (but have overloaded my iPhone). And I'm constantly filling out her daily tracker a week behind. And I even debated not posting this update since it's two weeks late. But that's not fair to her and it's not good to have unrealistic expectations of myself either. Things will look different this time and that's ok. 

Now about our Moriah girl...
First off I'll address the 2 most popular questions: 
1. When will her picture be on the billboard? March!  In case you missed it, we were the 10,000th baby at Women's hospital. Chris wrote a great post about it here: "Moriah's Birth Story: 10,000 Reasons." Once the billboards (yes billboardS) go up, we will be sure to let you know and post pics. Still can't get over the craziness of the whole thing. So fun!
2. Who does she look like? Well she looks like herself. But she REALLY resembles Chris' baby pics! And at times resembles Karis at that age. And hardly looks like she is my child. Thankfully the girl version of my hubby is pretty cute!
Here are some pics from my iPhone. I will try to bust out the real camera this next month. And once we get our newborn shoot pics back from the photographer, we will post those too!
Showing off her long lashes and stork kiss. 
Favorite part of bath time: when it's over. 

She's got the "What's your problem" look down. Or she's got gas. 

Kisses with Sissy happens 10,000 times a day. She is well loved!

Sweet sleepy snuggles.

Only took a few weeks to get the swaddle right.
Stats, Development, Sleep & Eating: 
Stats: At 2 week appointment: 7lbs 1 oz (31st percentile), 20” (65th percentile) and your head was 93rd percentile. 
Development: Sleeping like a champ... or like a newborn who likes to sleep anyway! But when she sleeps she likes to be swaddled up tight and paci held tight in her mouth (if only duck taping the paci was legal). She is still sleeping in her bassinet but is in her own room at our new house. But we love how alert she is getting after feedings. Usually she will stay awake for about an hour from the start of one feeding. Doing tummy time many times a day and seems totally unphased by it, which might defeat the purpose. Intentional smiles just started a couple of times a day and usually when Karis is talking to Moriah. 
Eating: Nursing has been so great this time around. I still don't have that gushing emotional feeling that some moms get while nursing and I'm OK with that. I love both my girls and totally feel bonded to them, even though I still dislike nursing. However, Moriah makes nursing so easy-- great latch, efficient eater, etc. My favorite thing is how she grabs ahold of my fingers while she eats, like she just wants to hold hands. Precious. 
A few of her favorite things: Her big sister, Karis. Snuggling (oh how we love having a snuggle bug this time around). Eating, you go to town (and the pediatrician says you are putting on weight really well). Being swaddled up tight. Paci (but we have to jam it in your mouth). Tooting (seriously more than most grown men). 
Least favorite things: Paci falling out. Bath time. ...that's about it, not much makes you upset. 
Truly Moriah is such a laid back baby. Already I'm thinking about number 3! Karis has always been so intense (intensely happy, intensely focused, intensely fussy... whatever she does, she does it intensely), that a laid back baby has made transitioning to 2 so much easier than expected. Notice I said easier than expected and compared to our reality last time, not easy. I'm sure I just jinxed myself. 
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