Happy 3 MONTH Birthday Karis!

I know I say this every time, but how in the world is my baby already this old?
I LOVE every stage so much!
I was just talking with a girl friend the other day about how each stage is my new favorite. I have just loved every minute of it (well, minus a few).

Mommyhood continues to be the best thing I have ever been able to do. I am so thankful each day for this sweet gift the Lord has given us. I could just sob over His grace. This month has had more hard times as I've had some issues feeding and that has affected Karis. But in the hard times it has been so sweet to see the Lord's provision in speaking to me even through that. And also seeing what an amazing man I have married. He has been the hands and feet of Jesus serving me, loving me and encouraging me.

Now about that baby girl!

She's just a doll and the happiest little girl I have ever known. She makes us laugh all day long. A ball of joy she is to our family!

Here are this month's pictures taken today (except the first one- that was taken on Foundation of Prayer Day at Houston's First):
*I promise my baby smiles. Just never when it's time to take the birthday month pictures. But if you want to see some killer smiles that will melt your heart in two, check out THIS blog.

As always, here is a VERY detailed list of what's gone on this month:
(I can't say enough how thankful I am that Allison's Mom suggested keeping a daily tracker of one thing that happened each day. This has been so much fun to look at each month.)

-This month's main trick has been your ability to drool and make bubbles. This has made kissing you on the lips very interesting. But like everyone told us, we don't care one bit (most of the time). Along with all that drool you love putting your entire hand in your mouth. Sometimes when you are feeding you will even try to put your fist in your mouth while nursing. Now that's funny to watch!
-You show early signs of being tired now-- this has made going down for naps way easier. Before you even start yawning, you will rub your eyes. Shortly following that your eye rims will get red like you've been crying, but you haven't. That's when I know play time is over and it's time to swaddle you up.
-We have 3 main songs that we sing: “if you are happy and you know it,” “old macdonald had a farm”and “the karis song.” This one we made up, it goes to the tune of B-I-N-G-O... “I know a girl who loves her mom, and also loves her daddy, K-A-R-I-S, K-A-R-I-S, K-A-R-I-S and Karis is her name, yes!” Some times we sing the ABCs too.
-Sleeping is going so good! You sleep in your crib all the time now. Usually you go down at 8:30pm, wake up at 3:30am for a 10 minute feed, and then sleep again till 8:00am. You are so close to sleeping through the night.
-You love your butterfly mobile. We love watching you on the video monitor just smile at the butterflies in the morning. You will lay there for a good 15 minutes before letting us know you are up.
-You had your first "sick appointment" at Blue Fish. Thankfully it was just a cold and nothing serious. You've were super congested and a lot more cuddly because of it.
-Ms. Carolyn O'Neal, she calls you her other MiMi, got to hold you for the first time (every other time she saw you, you were asleep in your car seat). Your due date was on her birthday and that was how she would always tell people I was pregnant. She loves you so. I love seeing a woman that has been such a mentor to me hold you.
-On October 27th I did that Old Wives tale trick where you hold the necklace over your hand to see how many babies you'll have and what gender (I think it's harmless and just something interesting to do that old midwives used to do). It said that I'd have a girl (you), twin boys, and twin boy/girl. I did it on you too, and if it's right, you'll have: a girl, boy, boy and then a girl.
-On October 29th you wore a jean jacket for the first time. This day is a very important marker in your fashion future. You got so many compliments at church it was ridiculous. That was your first gift from Aunt Katie. Emery has a matching jacket. Too cute!
-You experienced your very first Halloween-- oh what a weekend it was for you! That Saturday we went to the church's First Fest and you participated in everything. We dressed you up as the cutest little kitty cat you've every seen. Then on Sunday we called MiMi and she cackled like a witch and you started crying. That afternoon we went to the Skaggs' to trick or treat with Ella, Seth and Kyle.
-You have become the Captivated Together team mascot, you and CJ Webster. Y'all are just the cutest babies together. Those ladies all love you so much. I'm so thankful you are going to grow up watching us serve ladies together and have healthy relationships with each other in ministry.
-You experienced your first election night, it won't be your last baby girl! We took you to early voting a few weeks before this. But that night Daddy dressed you in your elephant pj's (he's very conservative) and we headed to Katy to watch the news with the Skaggs.
-We went to see Mama's counselor this month. She was just so in love with you baby. She's prayed for you since before you came into existence and has prayed over you every other week while you were in my tummy. When we went to visit with her she prayed over you again-- specifically that of peace and joy. You smiled at her the entire time she prayed. What she didn't know is that is exactly what I pray over you before we go any where-- that you would bring joy to those around you.
-You are so into your hands now. You especially like to interlock them. It's the cutest when you feed and you wrap them around me and interlock them like you are praying over your food.
-All your newborn clothes are put away. That was very sad. Hard to believe that you will never wear those clothes again. Crazy to think that you are already too big for them. You have always been so long and skinny that your clothes hung on you at the beginning. But now they are too tight. Daddy spoiled you and took you to Carter's to get some more 3 month clothes.
-Uncle Karl flew all the way down from Dallas to visit you. He loved holding you! He even bought you your very first baby doll! I have a feeling it won't be long before that is all you carry around with you.
-Foundation of Prayer: Our church is building a brand new preschool suite. Your Daddy and I signed on to the capital campaign before we were even married and little did we know that the money we committed to give would provide a new preschool space for you! On November 8th we wrote: "Karis and all other Kiser kids" on the foundation. This is a proclamation of our commitment to pray for your salvation, something we do daily.
-Milk Supply: I'm officially losing my milk. The past few weeks have been a process of me fighting to maintain my milk. I'm still going to be able to give you 75% breast milk. I'm giving myself a lot of grace during this process and trusting that God knows what's best for you and me. As my milk has started depleting you've been super fussy, dropping your naps or only napping for 30 minutes at a time, nursing every two hours, etc. So Dr. Torn has suggested we start supplementing.
-Cuddles! You have taken a few naps again in my arms. I know the experts say not to do this, but I don't care. A nap here or there in my arms is good for the soul I think. I have loved how cuddly you've been lately. I love that I can tell that I bring you comfort. You have been wanting Mommy lately.
-Rolling to your side is your favorite. Anytime you are down, you roll right to your side. You are so close to really rolling over, but just as you make it around you jet out your leg to stop yourself. But you will turn the top part of yourself face down. It's kinda funny to watch.
-You love the mirror and Daddy loves holding you in front of it! You get so excited when you see him first. Then you look at your self and get super happy. We can't tell if you know it's you or if you think it's someone else. But you do love seeing others-- when we are in public you usually get super smiley when you see other people.
-Daddy has taken you on three dates already-- two to breakfast and one for a good long walk. I'm so glad you have a Daddy that desires to invest in you already. Knowing that now is when we start teaching you. You are one blessed little lady to have him. I hope you marry someone just like him baby.
-You had your first Daddy/Daughter Dance at a wedding this past weekend. The song was: "I Loved You First."
-Last but not least, yesterday at the pediatrician you weighed in at 11lbs 8 oz. Dr. Torn said you are following the 25 percentile curve perfectly for weight. Even though you look like you have rolls, you are a skinny little thing.