Happy TWO MONTH Birthday Karis!

How in the world has two months already passed by? Parenting has been amazing. By far the greatest challenge of our my life-- full of lots of hard times and even more glorious times.

Stats: weight - 10lbs 6oz (42%), height - 22 3/4in (67%), head - 15 1/2in (67%). We were very happy to hear that her head is finally starting to get more average. Poor girl has had a giant cone for a while (remember she was 88% for the past two months).

For you picture people, here are so pictures we took of her on her two month birthday (October 17th). Surprisingly we didn't get a single big smile (something she flashes non-stop now), but we did get a lot of Karis expressions:

And here are some details from this past month:

-At the beginning of the month we transition you to sleep in your room (still in your bassinet). You did great and mommy started sleeping so much better too!
-Our birth announcements went out (will post those soon). It was our total joy to show you off to our closest friends and family.
-Your Halloween outfit was made-- a kitty cat (pictures at this blog post).
-First road trip to San Antonio. It was rough going-- Karis either cried, spit up, or pooped the entire way. The typical 3 hour drive took 5 1/2 hours. Once we got there she was great, but mom and Dad were near crazy. She slept in Aunt Katie's arms for hours (she has the magic touch), had so much fun playing with Ems and got to see lots of other family while we were there. The drive back was so much better.
-We had lunch with Chris for the first time. So much fun to sit on the patio of Star Pizza as our family of three. It sounds crazy but I always wanted to be a stay at home mom and I have always dreamed of meeting Dad for lunch with the kids. It was a special moment for me.
-You had a VERY fussy week during week six. We ended up going to Dr. Torn to make sure you were OK since this was so out of character for you. Good news is we ruled out colic and acid reflux. Seems like you were just having a growth spurt. Mommy cried and prayed a lot during that week and had to apologize to Daddy for her bad attitude more than once.
-You started following people across the room. You especially perk up when you see your Daddy from a distance. He brings a smile to your face almost every time you spot him.
-Kuku and Uncle Colton came for a visit and they took turns holding you pretty much every second they were here.
-We put your very first house on the market. It's sad to think we might not be here for long, but we want to move you to a more family friendly neighborhood and/or pay down some debt and build savings. We will just see what the Lord has for us.
-We started bringing you to church. You either slept or ate your way through it. You also started going to the nursery, Ms Stacy's room. You will love her and the other workers, Mommy sure does!
-You've been to the pumpkin patch already twice-- once with friends and the other with family.
-You started taking really long afternoon naps. Mommy doesn't know what to do with all this extra time. The house is way more picked up and Mommy has even gotten some good time in the Word again. Thank you baby! But I start to miss you and sometimes get worried when you sleep for too long.
-You rolled over twice! Dr. Torn said you are officially enrolled in their gifted and talented program. She was just teasing, but I was proud of you.
-You started being super cuddly and wanting to be with Mom a lot lately. Not sure why this has started, but I don't mind it one bit!
-You love story time, especially reading the Jesus Storybook Bible. You usually fall asleep as I'm praying over you. But those are some of my favorite times together.
-We do tummy time after every feeding for 5-10 minutes. You still don't like laying on your back on the play mat. But you have started to like the bouncer for short times (15ish minutes). The swing remains your favorite of all, you could stay in there all day if I didn't love holding you so much.
-And starting tonight we put you in your crib and are letting you cry it out. We will see how that goes...